5 Great Reasons to Replace PowerPoint with Video

There are some scientifically supported reasons why you should replace PowerPoint with video. Here are five problems reasons.

Problem 1: Reading vs. Hearing

Today’s business presentations are typically a multi-page deck of text bullets. Page after page of bullet points being read to us by a presenter.

Research shows that we read much faster than the presenter speaks. So we quickly get ahead and now have to wait for the presenter to catch up. Time to drift.

Boring Presentation - replace powerpoint with videoProblem 2: Too Much to Say, Too Little Space

You’ve been there. Slide one is a gray mass of small, crowded words. Our eyes squint at the blurry type on the screen while listening to the presenter and taking notes. The effort is too great so we fade out.

It’s not that the presentation is boring, it’s just too much to take in at one time. Our minds retaliate by drifting, turning off or taking on another mental challenge and no longer seeing or listening. We hope the presenter will summarize at the end of each slide.

Problem 3: Pictures Instead of Words

Those text heavy bullet point laden presentations are harder for us to remember than presentations loaded with graphics. One study tells us that three days after the presentation we remember 10% of the written words, 35% of the visuals and up to 65% if the words and visuals are combined into video.

Problem 4: Still or Moving Images?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a moving picture must be worth much, much more. Add sound and you have a winner.

Who would disagree that a presentation with moving images of words and graphics and audio is far more interesting than bullet points read to us by a presenter.

Problem 5: Why Not Replace PowerPoint with Video?

Typing text bullet points is easy, quick and cheap.

No question, that’s why everybody does it and does it to death.

Video is more difficult to produce and is expensive.

Right on some points, but not all.

Producing video is certainly harder than writing bullet points in a PowerPoint, but the results are far more productive and ultimately more profitable. Many organizations already have various forms of video that can be edited and used in important presentations. But undoubtedly, a short video is much more effective than any PowerPoint.

Regarding cost, considering the importance of your presentations to key audiences like prospects, customers, partners and employees, how much do you save if they don’t remember but a small fraction of what you say?

Replace PowerPoint with Video

The real question is how much are you really saving by doing things the same old-fashioned way, just like everyone else, pages and pages of bullet points. It’s faster and cheaper, but they retain very little compared to the 65% retention of video.

Your choice. We think HOW you present is as important as WHAT you present. So why not replace PowerPoint with video?

At Dallas video production company CRM Studios we write it, build it, paint it, plan it, scout it, cast it, shoot it, record it, edit it, animate it, dub it, label it, deliver it and archive it at your place or ours – all in a timely and professional way that makes you look good and want to do it all again.

(Source: Najjar, LJ (1998) via Brain Rules by John Medina, 2008)

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