Adding Music for Emotional Effect, Greater Video Impact

By Evan Morris

Scene: A quiet house on Christmas morning. [guitar playing soulfully]

Taxi drives away leaving a young man who is greeted gleefully by his sister at the front door.

Photo from Folgers coffee TV commercial, adding music for emotional effect

The rest of the house is still asleep having waited up all night for the young man’s return home. He makes a pot of coffee while talking with his sister. The aroma gradually wakes mom an dad and they come downstairs to find him, cup of coffee in hand. The Folger’s Coffee Theme, “The best part of waking up,” covers the tearful reunion, “is Folger’s in your cup.” Eleven words sung — memorable, moving, emotional

If you have ever been moved to tears by a really good commercial there’s a good chance music played a big role driving your emotional response.  The Folger’s holiday commercial has aired for five years and still tugs at the heart strings — time, after time.

Advertisers around the world have long known that adding music for emotional effect to meaningful visuals is key to creating lasting brand memory. Here are some other great examples.

The Clydesdale horses, puppies, toilet paper, burritos, beer, cars, even banks and insurance companies and all manner of products and companies have employed this technique. But it’s not just commercials that build lasting impressions from the powerful combination of music and visuals, TV show theme songs are clear and everlasting.

Monday Night Football fans only need to hear four notes — “DAH dah dah DAAAAAH” to get the party started. The show Law & Order uses just two notes and the list goes on. See, adding music for emotional effect creates memorable video.

To be top-of-mind with your target audience, especially if your product or brand is new, adding music for emotional effect is vital.

But saying and doing are entirely different. CRM Studios has decades of experience portraying products and companies just the way the want to be known and remembered.

Our editors access thousands of music selections and use them to maximum effect. Creating emotional connections between you and your audience comes from great skill and years of experience. Here are examples:

“Streetsentz” National PSA

NOKIA Sales Conference

The stronger the emotional response you create, the more effective your video dollars will be.  And that will definitely inspire an appropriate emotional response in you!

All together now! “The best part of waking up…”

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