CRM Studios Flies High with Camera Drones

They’re in the news… they’re in commercials… they’re in the air… and now they’re at CRM Studios. CRM can fly!

With the addition of a DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter camera drone, CRM Studios has now proudly slipped the surly bonds of earth and has taken to the sky in glorious 4K! For really dynamic visual shots, both indoors and out, many a seasoned cameraman will readily acknowledge the production value a crane or jib shot will add.

CRM Studios | Quadcopter Camera Drone

DJ1 Inspire 1 Quadcopter Camera Drone

The hassle and expense of using such camera drones prohibits many clients from including them to their traditional video shoots. But thanks to CRM Studios’ new 4K camera drone, we can now offer the same kind of impressive, high-angle shots with much less set-up time and even more maneuverability.

The new flying camera is actually the second in our growing fleet of aerial shooters and is piloted by CRM staff engineer and veteran remote aeronaut, Ron Fuller. With this new rig, we can capture amazing ultra-high definition 4K video in addition to shooting 12-megapixel still images all from an incredible birds-eye view.

Designed to be powerful, lightweight, flexible and completely stable, the DJI Inspire 1 camera drone incorporates all of the latest aerial technology, packed into one simple, ready-to-fly system that allows for some of the most unique and dynamic aerial shots ever seen. An integrated 3-axis gimbal keeps the shots steady and ensures the camera stays pointed the same direction as the drone performs amazing aerobatics dozens of feet in the sky.

Check out the trailer below to see the DJI Inspire 1 camera drone in action and talk to us about what the CRM Studios camera drone fleet can do for your next video production!

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