CRM Won Top Honors at 2017 ADDY Awards

By Evan Morris
 Just in time for the close of “awards season,” our CRM Studios’ Shreveport/Bossier studio brought home the gold from the 2017 Louisiana ADDY Awards. And by gold, we mean the highest honor, receiving the coveted ?  Professional Best of Show for the Christus Highland Birthplace Television Campaign. Overall, CRM Studios won a gold, four silver, and two bronze ADDYs.

Winning TV Campaign



Winning for a TV Campaign is the local advertising awards equivalent of winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards. But this time without Warren Beatty and Jimmy Kimmel snatching it away from you after you’ve already begun your acceptance speech.

CRM Won Top Honors for These Commercials

In addition to the Professional Best of Show for the CHRISTUS Highland Birthplace TV Campaign, CRM Studios won ADDYs for these commercials.

  • Silver for “Slow Down in Natchitoches”
  • Silver for “Mason Salters 2017”
  • Silver for “CHRISTUS Cabrini Surgery”
  • Silver for “Willis-Knighton Proton Therapy”
  • Bronze for “Willis-Knighton Heart Institute”
  • Bronze for “Evening for Healers 2016”

The ADDY awards recognize excellent design skills in the world of commercial advertisement. These awards are given at local and regional levels. The 55th annual ADDY awards for Shreveport/Bossier were held on February 18 at Savoie’s the Catering Place, and man did CRM LA get their fill– winning a gold, four silver, and two bronze ADDYs in addition to

A Collaborative Effort

This outstanding showing represents a fulfilling, collaborative effort between CRM Studios, Las Colinas and CRM Studios, LA, as personnel and resources from both branches contributed to the success of this work. That’s what CRM Studios is all about: fulfilling, collaborative (even award-winning!) efforts, for all of our clients, in video production. So, whether you’re looking to create a TV spot, a full-on an ad campaign, a training video, or a 3D, 4K experience; CRM Studios has the personnel, equipment, experience and a track record to “shoot” your project to the top.

Check out our capabilities here and see more of our work. Call(469-484-9400) or send us an email if you have any questions. We can help.

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