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GameStop TV

Premier Digital In-Store Private Network

CRM Studios was created two decades ago to assist RadioShack promoting their products via an in-store TV network. Later CRM took this expertise to help GameStop and their GameStopTV in-store broadcast network. GameStopTV began in the Summer of 2007.

This private in-store network (we have a LOT of private network experience) reaches millions of avid gamers each week. This network broadcasts two hours of gaming interviews, promotions, product reviews, etc. each month, as well as an hour of staff training content (for off-hours training)— and CRM handles it all!

CRM’s staff ingested about 30+ pizzas to prepare the first 2 hours of all new content— created from scratch— in less than a month. So there were a lot of late night pizza runs keeping this crew going around the clock.

No number on how many packages of TUMS were consumed.


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