Getting “Graphic” To Impress A Client

CRM Studios Case Study
Alcon Patient Informational Video

Client: Alcon Laboratories, Division of Novartis
Purpose: Corporate Tradeshow Graphics



Alcon Lab’s International Trade Show Booth needed help creating corporate tradeshow graphics to kick off several new products, as well as keep trade show patrons up to date on the current speaker during the annual speeches from some of the top eye surgeons from across the globe, each demonstrating and discussing their latest innovative procedures.

Project Summary:

Each year Alcon needs to create a variety of corporate tradeshow graphics to support their larger-than-life booths at various industry events. Being the largest eye care company in the world requires Alcon to always be one of the biggest demonstrators/innovators at the show.


Create corporate tradeshow graphics with the ability to update them on the fly as each speaker rolls through the day-to-day speaking events.


Last minute changes in speakers can wreak havoc on such a massive screen endeavor. Oftentimes production companies that don’t work in obscure aspect ratios, such as 20 x 1 or 30 x 1, versus traditional sizes like 4 x 3 (CRT TV) or 16:9 (Widescreen).

Planning & Research:

CRM Studios created a spreadsheet-based system for all of the screen details so anyone running the corporate tradeshow graphics at the shows– no matter where in the world, whether in the U.S. or one of several European shows– could understand where the next preview screen was, as well as the current speaker and time displayed on giant, elongated screens.

Strategies & Tactics:

First, we had to create base graphics from many of the elements we have developed or shot over the years. We then needed to get approvals as we rolled out the entire program event onto our spreadsheet to help the trade show technicians know which file was to be previewed, while broadcasting current speakers as well.

Other “Coming Up Next” Graphics were also displayed on other screens to entice trade show floor-walkers and give them the opportunity to make note of some of their favorite speaker’s engagement times.

Finally, we had to create backups for all files, so if something happened to the hard drive (which was hand-carried on the plane) there would still be a way to access all of the files anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Each file was created with a naming convention that would include the doctor who was to speak in each time slot. 


The success of the first year of doing these corporate tradeshow graphics allowed CRM the privilege of creating them for several years in a row, an indication of the success of this dominant booth in all the big eye care shows across the globe.


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