A Gold Medal Winning, Record Setting Testimonial Video for Mitel

Testimonial Video


Client: Mitel
Purpose: Testimonial Video

CRM Studios and Mitel teamed up with Olympian Michael Johnson to share his story about how Mitel helped the Michael Johnson Performance Center achieve its goals in a new testimonial video.


CRM Studios and Mitel have been putting together testimonial videos to demonstrate the efficacy of Mitel’s products and solutions for a few years now.  Mitel really likes to get up close and personal footage of their satisfied clients where they live and work.  As a result, CRM Studios has shot for Mitel in a variety of locations—some close to home and across the country, like St. Louis and Phoenix.

Project Summary:

Mitel wanted to assemble a testimonial video featuring one of their newest clients, Michael Johnson, Olympic gold medal sprinter and world record holder and founder of Michael Johnson Performance Center.


We wanted to capture footage of Mr. Johnson and his coworkers in action to show the vast array of technology systems Mitel has helped to integrate and improve telecommunications. We also wanted to record face-to-face interviews with Mr. Johnson and his team.


Part of Michael Johnson Performance Center’s mission involves rehabilitation and physical therapy for injured athletes. HIPPA privacy laws made it challenging to feature anyone who was a patient.  We also had to get signed releases for anyone appearing on camera, some of whom were professional athletes who are used to getting compensated for appearances. The complex itself was very large, with indoor, outdoor, and even underwater facilities.  The month we shot the testimonial video, February, is not the most ideal for outside scenery, due to a general lack of color in the landscape.

Planning & Research:

Mitel sent us several reference videos to give us an idea of the scope and style they were looking for this particular testimonial video. Fortunately, the campus was within driving distance of both CRM Studios and Mitel headquarters, so we had access to the facilities prior to the shoot date for scouting. Previous experience from other Mitel testimonial videos helped as well and saved us time in the planning phase.

Strategies & Tactics:

The team made sure to arm themselves with more release forms than they could possibly use, just in case. It was also made clear that we could, in fact, show some of the rehab and physical therapy processes, as long as we didn’t show the injured athlete’s face on camera.  Many of the particular suites and equipment, including a motion capture system, had their own cameras already active.  We got permission to incorporate some of that footage as well.  The underwater treadmill was also set-up with cameras in mind, and we were able to shoot it through a transparent glass wall. We also decided a little bit of color correction in post-production would make the exterior shots come to life better.


Michael Johnson and his team were very enthusiastic and eager to share their Mitel experience. The athletes themselves were very accommodating as well.  And the in-house motion capture footage provided this testimonial video an added value that we weren’t expecting.  The client was very pleased with the results. We look forward to our next collaboration.

Olympian Michael Johnson explains how Mitel helped his Performance Center to succeed.


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