7 Tips To a Great Video Script

Great corporate videos all begin with a great video script. One that quickly and clearly captures the interest of the viewer and simultaneously delivers a meaningful message.

Great corporate videos all begin with a great script. One that quickly and clearly captures the interest of the viewer and simultaneously delivers a meaningful message.

But a great video script doesn’t happen by accident. Before the first word is written there is thinking and planning. Here are some tips to guide you.

Film Script File1. Whom exactly are you talking to?

Go beyond a shallow understanding of your audience and dig until you understand what they need from you. How can you help them to look smarter, or make their work easier?

The more you know about your audience, their habits and traits, the more likely you are to “speak to their needs” and gain their attention. A great video script quickly interests the viewer.

2. What exactly do you want to say?

Talking only about your organization is selfish and rarely resonates with the video viewer. Instead, determine what you have that they need (even if they don’t know it) and focus there.

Limit your script to three key messages, no more. Too many messages and you’ll lose them. Uh oh, they wiggle in their chairs and out come their phones. You lose.

3. Create a theme

A good theme can bind the entire piece together. It could be a graphical look, a special cut of music, or even section intros that use a specific color palette. Your theme makes transition from section to section seamless.

4. Tell them, Tell them and Tell them

The old adage “Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them and then tell them what you told them.” is still true.

A good outline of your script makes writing easier and means you won’t forget any of the key points

Stack your script by relaying your entire story right up front. That way if their attention wanes, you’ve still gotten your key messages across. It’s a bit like an elevator speech.

Then drive your key points several times throughout your script. Repetition helps retention.

5. Talk to, not over your audience

It’s not condescending, but your script should read at a 6th grade level. Not that your audience cannot understand, but shorter words and sentences are easier to process and remember.

When editing your great video script, look for sentences ending in tacked-on phrases (a comma and an ending phrase) because they usually take away from the message, not add to it. Avoid jargon entirely.

6. Write conversationally, for the ear not the eye

Writing for print is very different from writing for video. What is written for clarity in print seems to be a redundant drone in video.

Get a clear picture of the person you’re talking to in your mind as you write and speak only to them. Speak it out loud and you’ll hear the run-ons and stumbles that sound awkward in video.

7. Keep it short and fun

Short and fun have always been steps to a great video script. But in today’s uber shorter attention spans, it’s now a must.

Give your audience reasons to keep watching. And cut it in half once you’ve figured out what you’re trying to say.

So, know your audience, and your messages, tie it together with a theme, speak with short words and sentences, be conversational and fun. A great video script is not an accident, but an intentional act of communicating what they need to hear, quickly and in an entertaining way.

There’s a reason great writers get paid good bucks. Great video script writing is a valuable skill and a little bit of art.

CRM Studios can help you focus in on what’s important to your audience and your organization. Give us a call.

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