High Quality Video is Important in the Smartphone Era

Everyone is a cinematographer these days. At least, that’s what the smartphone makers want you to think. But there is a vast difference between high quality video and what comes out of a smartphone or cheap video recorder.

High quality video cannot be achieved using a smartphone.

“Shoot in 4K!” “Win awards for your video of mom chopping onions!!” The internet is full of amateur, low quality video and that library grows daily. Viewers have gotten accustomed to seeing low quality, quirky and jerky video. But brands are held to a much higher standard. The low cost, poor quality video your friend shoots and puts on Facebook communicates negatively about your product or company. Double standards live.

With that in mind, here are steps to ensure your video is high quality.

Start with a Plan

It’s a lot easier to produce high quality video when you know what you want and how to get there. Good planning leads to a quality script, better location selection, what time of day to shoot, what props are needed, etc. Low quality video is quick and impulsive. High quality video knows where it’s going before it starts.

Add Pro Equipment

Next, you’ll need high quality equipment. Sure, that cell phone shoots in 4K, but that just makes ugly video even uglier. Getting that especially wide shot or extreme close-up, requires special lenses. Not available on the cheap.

Then there’s the audio. GoPro videos on YouTube can certainly look amazing, but most have distorted audio. High quality video needs high quality sound.

Edit It, Don’t Just Send It

Then there’s editing to consider. Do you have the right hardware and software, or are you trusting your brand image to laptop apps?

It takes high quality equipment at each stage of production to make high quality video.

Choose People with Experience

All things said, good planning and great equipment is only as valuable as the people you hire.

It’s almost impossible for someone to make a high quality video by themselves. Even if they know how to operate all the cameras and microphones, build sets and light scenes, you still have to have experience to create quality. There are a lot of moving parts to a high quality video, and each step in the process is an important one that deserves proper attention.

A High Quality Video Really Stands Out

From script to screen and everything in between, CRM Studios can make sure your video is a high quality video. The kind of video that sets your brand above the vast sea of internet mediocrity. We have decades of experience, great equipment, and professionals to produce the highest quality product. Give us a shout.

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