Holographic Video – The Rise of Interactive Retail Store Displays


Help me, customer…You’re my only hope!



In days past (and present), retailers spent countless hours and dollars creating intriguing store window displays in hopes of attracting the attention of passers-by long enough to entice them to stop whatever they were doing, come into their store, and buy something.

In the great American flagship department stores, such as Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus, these window displays were elevated from mere advertising to high art, engendering the rise of entire businesses focused solely on concepting and executing wildly imaginative vignettes. As art and technology continue to not only progress but intertwine, these displays continue to advance in creativity and effectiveness. Enter what we call “Holographic Video Displays” – a fascinating merging of window display with video technology.

We first saw this in small scale at a big box toy store, but it was used as little more than a glorified shelf diorama adding some simple (but cool) explosion animations to a static display of toy combat soldiers. But with a little imagination and a larger application, this type of display could be scaled up and made interactive changing it from a simple novelty into a full-featured, dynamic retail attraction.

Just imagine a full-sized storefront window with this effect applied to a clothing store. As you walk past, you unknowingly trigger a motion sensor, which then starts the video. The “hologram” could be a model walking on a stage, wearing the hottest trends of the season. Animated text flies in displaying the store’s new promotion.

Or what about a full window display at a video game retailer? Walking past the window could trigger the animated image of life-size, well-known game characters to “walk” into frame, point at the customer, and then tell him or her about the latest game releases.

The potential for this type of dynamic, interactive video is really astounding. And we haven’t even mentioned what could happen when you include beacon technology to send send personalized greetings and targeted messages directly to the smartphones of customers (who opt-in, of course). Add this to the mix and suddenly you have virtual one-on-one customer interaction before the shopper even sets foot into the store!

Check out the video below and you’ll see that it doesn’t take much to understand we’re on the cusp of a cool, new world of personal, customized shopping experiences where the trip itself makes buying new stuff all the more enjoyable.

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