3D 4K Holographic Orchid 1400 x 500

 3D 4K Holographics

Exciting news, CRM Studios has partnered with 3D holographics, the innovators of TelePresence Tech and Brussels-based Teleportec to offer a 3D – 4K holographic display system in kiosk or mini-theater sizes featuring custom designs that are light years ahead of anything, anywhere in existence today.

The patented 3D system combines the latest in 4K technology to create amazing 3D images without the need for users top wear glasses. This will give organizations the opportunity to create a ‘3D telepresence’ allowing people anywhere on the globe to feel like they’re meeting face-to-face. This amazing technology has been in development for over 20 years.

3D 4K Holographics Display Now Showing

A working display of this 3D 4K holographics system is now available at the CRM Studios offices in Las Colinas, TX.

Take a look at what this brand new consortium of future technology for 3D-4K holographics can do.

For more information, contact us at 469-484-9400.

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