Juggling multiple production units for Nebraska Furniture Mart

Using multiple production units to achieve big results quickly.

Nebraska Furniture Mart | CRM Studios

Most client video production requests start off pretty much the same: grab some footage of a location, get some interviews, edit and post. Occasionally though, the project gets a little bigger than that down the line. In the case of a local furniture retailer, it got bigger than most professional sports stadiums!

Partnering with Omaha-based advertising agency, Redstone, CRM Studios recently set up and completed nearly an entire week’s worth of production in a single day. This wasn’t just another simple point-and-shoot assignment; this was dynamic video production in its truest form, including a variety of complex shots and angles and culminating with a series of aerial shots via CRM’s brand new 4K camera drone!

Nebraska Furniture Mart video shoot | CRM Studios

To accomplish such a difficult shoot in such a short amount of time, CRM developed a unique “Leapfrog” approach incorporating a series of specialized production teams working in front or behind each other to accomplish a single piece of the production.

In this case, the assignment was to shoot video of Nebraska Furniture Mart’s mammoth new retail location in North Dallas. And when we say mammoth, what we really mean is monstrous! The two-level, 560,000-square-foot store is the biggest home furnishings store in North America, large enough to fit three Wal-Mart Supercenters inside with room to spare!

To shoot anything in such a vast area would require some serious logistical calisthenics, so CRM broke the video production team down into 4 separate units to try and save time. Unit 1 started before dawn capturing amazing aerial footage inside and outside the store using CRM’s new 4K quadcopter camera drone.  At the same time, Unit 2 worked to accomplish all the staging and pre-lighting necessary for the ground shooting so that Unit 3 could set up and perform the actual filming.

Nebraska Furniture Mart | CRM Studios

Then, while Unit 2 moved on to stage and pre-light the next scene, Unit 4 – the cleanup team – swooped in and returned the location back to pre-shoot conditions, checking with the client to make sure everything was accurate.

“By splitting up the crew into these specialized team, we’re able to give our clients a lot more production for the money, which is something that really only a company of our size can offer,” said Tom Kirkhart, company co-owner.

Whether you have a large-scale production or a one-day shoot that needs to look like a large-scale production, juggling multiple production units might just be the answer you need to make video magic in a short amount of time.

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