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ReVision Optics

Meet Bob

ReVision Optics, Lake Forest, CA brought CRM Studios to the production table as they worked on their first corporate video for the new Raindrop® Near Vision Inlay surgical procedure. This brand new surgical process (CRM Studios created the Raindrop® project knowing the product was in trial. As of July 2016, the product has been approved by the FDA for roll out to consumers across America. CRM Studios was proud to chosen– and proud win a 2016 Telly Award– for this fun project.) allows cataract IOL (Inter Optic Lens) wearers to improve their near vision with this new product.

CRM created a fun, light story of Bob, making him a guy who had cataract surgery and was feeling pretty good about himself, until he took up painting and found his near vision was lacking. The new ReVision Optics inlay is specifically designed to correct that.

Once Bob finds out how well the Raindrop® works, he immediately improves his vision; although, his painting skills never seem to improve at all. It was a fun project to create for a really cool new eye care product.


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