Making high quality video production look easy for Mitel

When communications giant, Mitel, decided to launch a massive global rebranding campaign, the company headed straight for “Big D” to tap into the resources of premier Dallas video production company, CRM Studios, known for making high quality video production look easy.

Known as the leader in voice over IP communications and network solutions, Mitel wanted to launch a comprehensive campaign that included a series of CEO messaging videos, a branding commercial highlighting Mitel’s new “Powering Connections” campaign, and translations of the commercial into seven different languages.

Mitel video shoot | CRM Studios

A scene from the video shoot

“Mitel came to us wanting great video production that would help establish them on the international stage,” said Brannon Preston, Producer at CRM Studios. “The budget and deadline left international travel off the table, so I knew it was going to take extreme attention to detail in order to pull this off. Fortunately, that’s one of our strengths at CRM studios.”

After coordinating with company representatives to outline the projects, production immediately began at the new Mitel headquarters in Canada filming the company’s CEO and Chief Marketing Officer. CRM editors then set to work crafting the footage with graphics and animation to create a total of five marketing and messaging videos, which would be viewed by more than 2,000 Mitel employees around the world.

Meanwhile in Dallas, CRM producers began pre-production for the much bigger phase of the project – a multi-language commercial branding campaign highlighting Mitel’s role as the business communications experts behind 2 billion calls, chats, and social messages every day.

The 2-minute video was shot over a three day period centering around a travelling businessman who uses Mitel products and services in a variety of locations, many of which appear to be different states and possibly different countries.

CRM Studios CEO and Executive Producer Steve Dunning said, “I love projects like these. Using our own team and equipment, like our RED 4K camera, we can get really high quality results that look much more expensive than they actually are. And by choosing precise locations around Dallas, we were able to give the spot a real international feel, without having to spend a fortune on travel.”

Less than a month after starting pre-production, CRM delivered the entire production package, in all seven languages, for the huge company-wide rebranding kickoff event.

The result? “The video has been a huge hit. I’ve had all manner of people congratulating me… and I wanted to make sure I let you guys know how much we appreciate everything CRM Studios has done,” said Hal Werner, Content Strategist for Mitel.

If your business needs superior video production – writing, shooting, editing or even concepting a new idea – contact CRM Studios and let us show you how high-quality and highly compelling product content videos are far more accessible than you may think.

Watch the finished product below to see how CRM Studios’ high quality video production created realistic international flavor with multiple locations in just three days – all while staying grounded in Dallas!


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