Raising Money and Having a Cinderella Charity Ball

By Evan Morris

For 57 years, the Ladies’ Auxiliary Club has benefited the Boys and Girls Club of Arlington, Texas through their annual Cinderella Charity Ball ( For the past four years, CRM Studios has been honored to provide support services to help make this an evening to remember.


Every year, 20 young women are chosen from the sophomore and junior high school students who apply. Selections are made based on the student’s academic accomplishments with their “leadership abilities and community interest being as important.” Once selected, the girls engage in a seven-week campaign to “raise as much money as possible for the Boys and Girls Club of Arlington,” by selling tickets to the Cinderella Ball and soliciting general donations. The girls must build their own connections and do all of the legwork themselves.

From the money they raise comes scholarships for Boys and Girls Club youth.

A Night to Remember

CRM Studios supports the Cinderella Charity Ball

The Cinderella Charity Ball is a spectacular affair, especially for the 20 honored young women. Each is adorned in a beautiful white gown. They are escorted by their appropriately proud fathers as they walk from a dais at one end of the ballroom to a stage at the opposite end.  A three-camera video system and image magnification, provided by CRM Studios, allows the assembled crowd to see each candidate close up on a large screen as their accomplishments are announced. The footage is later used to make a commemorative video. Once the announcements are made and scholarships awarded, the girls trade their dads for their dates and dance the night away.  

Bottom Line

As much fun as the ball is, the bottom line is all about the charity.  Since its inception, the Cinderella Charity Ball has managed to raise an astounding $10,000,000!  This year’s Miss Cinderella, Miss Carmen Regina raised more than $44,000 herself, and the group raised a total of $415,749.78 for the Boys and Girls Club of Arlington.

In this sometimes difficult world where young people are often criticized for tuning out, these 20 special women remind us what can be accomplished by the generations to come.

CRM Studios was honored to play a small role in this very important and successful event.

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