Remote On-Location Interview Promotes Life-Saving Mission

CRM Studios Conducts Remote On-Location Interview Video Shoot with Dr. Jeff Jacobs and Medtronic’s Life-Saving Heart Health Mission to the Caribbean

You can probably think of worse things than growing up in the Caribbean. In fact, for many of us the idea of spending days in seclusion on a remote tropical island is the ultimate goal! But, what if you’re a kid with a heart condition? Enter Dr. Jeff Jacobs and the Cardiac Kids Foundation of Florida. For the past decade, Dr. Jacobs has led a team of some 60 physicians, nurses, and other health care workers on a life-saving mission to Jamaica each year.

While it might not surprise you to find heart surgeons in the Caribbean at any given time, you’d probably expect them to be enjoying a nice, luxurious vacation cruise. On the contrary; this special unit works around the clock, essentially striving to pack a year’s worth of highly sophisticated and desperately needed cardiac procedures into one very long week.

Jamaica hospital where the remote on-location interview took placeDuring last year’s trip, the team managed to perform 11 cardiac surgeries for emergent cases—all while providing interventional procedures, conducting cardiac catheterizations and managing outpatient medical care for dozens of other children. To date, Dr. Jacobs  and the team have operated on more than 100 children since beginning their mission in 2006.

Medtronic, the $22B medical device manufacturer who donated much of the critical care mission equipment, wants to get the word out about the important work Dr. Jacobs and his team are doing. Since Dr. Jacobs couldn’t be present at the Medtronic National Sales Conference, Medtronic asked CRM Studios to conduct a remote on-location interview to be played during the conference. CRM’s Director of Production, Scott Burress grabbed cameras, microphones, a light kit and a grip, and headed for Kingston, Jamaica

“We do a lot of work in the health care industry, but this was a special situation for all of us since we were able to be part of this life-saving event,” said Burress. “We usually don’t get to be involved in such life changing circumstances.”

Remote On-Location Interview

jamaica hospital where the remote on-location interview took placeRemote on-location interview shoots each present their own unique sets of challenges, and Jamaica was no different. The hospital itself is a converted army barracks, so the interviews were conducted on the premises but outdoors. Care had to be taken not to show any of the patients’ faces, and cardiac procedures could not be filmed whatsoever.

Additionally, the video crew wanted to be very respectful of the medical team’s time given the important and delicate nature of their work. They decided to interview multiple doctors and limit the interviews to 15 minutes each, which worked well for everyone.

“In spite of all the limitations, CRM was still able to capture the footage we needed in just one day,” added Burress. “What was really exceptional was watching Dr. Jacobs’s team interact and work with the Jamaican doctors and nurses. It was cool to see them learn from each other right in the middle of it.”

Dr. Jacobs noted, “Education is a big part of our objective.”

“When we started doing this, there really wasn’t a lot of pediatric heart surgery done in Jamaica. The local Jamaican team has grown from doing one or two pediatric cases per month to more than 100 per year,” he added proudly.

CRM Studios was honored to be a part of this life-changing activity and celebrates the more than 100 boys and girls who have been saved by this amazing group of doctors and caregivers.


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