Shoot More Video Than You Need. What!

What! Shoot more video than you need? That’s crazy.

For years now CRM Studios has urged it’s clients to shoot more video every chance they get. Shooting just for the sake of shooting more isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

We call it creating a “Bowl of Content.”

Why Shoot More Video?

Shoot more video - setting the shotOnline video’s insane growth curve over 

the past few years has everyone from the C-suites down to local marketing cubbies running around like crazy people trying to create short videos fast. Sales is screaming “more, more, more.” But the budget just doesn’t allow quick, impromptu shoots to get something online now.

Online Video Changes

The breadth of online video changes often. First we saw TV spots going online. Then Instagram and Snap started video, often shortened to just 10-seconds. Video posts and ads both emerged on all social media platforms, websites and blogs. Now all of the major social channels encourage video, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snap and Google.

Today you can find posts and ads from a mere 2-seconds up to several minutes.

It’s Much Cheaper If You’ve Already Shot It

If you shoot extra all the time and amass a bowl of content, handling those quick requests is just a fast editing job. Pull a snippet from here, and another from there, and you have 10-20 seconds. All without the cost of a shoot.

Shoot Extra With Aging in Mind

In our blog article “Finding Value in Disposable Video,” ( we discussed the delicate balance of shooting for now, but thinking about use later on. It’s sometimes hard to avoid all the elements that quickly date your video, making it less appealing for use later. But it can certainly be done, both in the shooting and the editing. So shoot more video with aging in mind.

A Bowl of Content Works for All

Shoot more video - green screenThe shoot more video logic applies to companies large and small, profit and non-profit. It’s a simple way to add small increments to your annual video budget and save big down the road.

If you like this kind of creative thinking, consider partnering with CRM Studios. We’ve been around just long enough to have created and used these valuable saving techniques.

Dallas video production company, CRM Studios uses many innovative tricks to save its customers time and money. That kind of insight comes from craftsmanship and experience. We have both.

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