Skies Over Texas

A 3D/4D Mini Feature Film 

Showing at the Tower of the Americas, San Antonio

CRM Studios was brought in by Landry’s Restaurants, Houston, to create their mini-feature, Skies Over Texas for the newly-renovated Tower of the America’s and its new 3D/4D Ride Theater. 3D/4D is an interactive film format with moving floors and seats, spraying water, foot ticklers, fans  and other enhancements that creates an immersive experience.

This interactive mini-feature cost $1.6 million to produce and took nearly a year in production to complete. This film was shot with a specially-designed/custom-built 35mm camera rig (used in the making of Disneyland’s Terminator 3D). The picture above was shot at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab with the assistance of an underwater camera crew from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

Released in 2006

Only one other film crew had ever been allowed to shoot with astronauts in NASA’s NBL underwater pool when we shot this mini-feature.

The film team from the feature ARMAGEDDON had been allowed, just a few years earlier, to shoot inside this gigantic, underwater space station training area.


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