Testimonials are Back

The tried-and-true advertising technique, Testimonials are back.

Be it a business leader, flamboyant athlete, trusted public figure, famous actor or other household name, it doesn’t matter who as long as they are well known their opinions can sell.

Who can forget the scandalous (at the time) Beautymist pantyhose commercial, featuring New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath?

While the power of testimonials is rapidly growing, there’s one big difference in this digital age. Instead of relying on celebrities who can slip off that pedestal in an instant, marketers today rely on everyday, run-of-the-mill people like you and me.

Who Do We Trust?

Trust in organizations, elected officials, millionaire athletes, famous musicians and Hollywood stars is at its lowest. Today we turn to ordinary people for the truth. People like us, who live with the same problems, face the same challenges and understand how to cope. At least we think they do.

Part of the reason for this seismic shift is technology. In this fast-paced, real-time, instant feedback, social media driven world, anyone with a smartphone can broadcast their opinions around the world, at the speed of light.

Back then it was Karl Malden telling us the virtues of the American Express Card,

while today it’s a mother of three in Missouri we trust. Why, because we believe she really has an American Express Card and really uses it to help her family. She is believable because she is like us.

Brand marketers have gotten into the swing using adorable or quirky actors like Flo for Progressive Insurance or Lily for AT&T. These characters were believable and quickly grew to be celebrities in their own right.

Testimonials resonate strongly in the medical field. Whether you’re promoting a new, blade-free eye surgery procedure, a topical ointment to clear skin blemishes, or the outstanding features of the new maternity ward of your local hospital, consumers are far more likely to listen to someone if they had first-hand experience with these products, procedures, and premises. For virtually all industries, testimonials are back.

Quality Matters

One thing that can harm even the best testimonial is the quality of the video. A reliable, highly believable testimonial falls if it looks like it was shot with an old iPhone in someone’s slightly dark office. Genuine it may look, but a little shady as well.

Here are examples of peer testimonials produced by CRM Studios.

Tyler Technologies

Christus Schumpert

Combining the power of the new testimonial with high quality video is what CRM Studios does. We have proven time and again in multiple industries that when a “real” spokesperson is delivered in a quality manner, consumers believe.

Give us a call.

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