Testimonials Just Keep Working

by Tom Kirkhart

Today, we produce more testimonial videos than we have in years. Why? Testimonials just keep working.

Maybe it’s the “show me,” or “prove it” attitudes coming from social media, or a simple case of seeing is believing, but testimonials continue to shine.

In their Video Marketing Strategy survey, Ascend2 reported that customer testimonials top the list of most effective corporate videos:

-Customer Testimonials (51%)
-Explainer/Tutorial (50%)
-Demonstration (49%)
Ascend2 and research partners, Video Marketing Strategy survey,
Published September 2015

This is something we’ve seen growing in importance for quite some time. Expectations online for quality have grown right alongside testimonials. Gone is the day when you could shoot a quickie video on your phone or HD home video gear and post it for great results. The quality of the video is now closely associated with the quality of the testimonial.

Testimonials Just Keep Working

Alcon Labs “Eyes Across America”

The Video Marketing Strategy survey shows that a dynamic shift has occurred in corporate sales and marketing videos. It’s a move from telling your own story with paid actors to having an expert, customer or even employee tell it.

Peer believability stands at the core of social media’s rapid rise to success and is spilling out into all areas of business. So it’s natural that we would see increased impact in someone else telling your story rather than a paid spokesperson. Real people are less polished, less perfect and more genuine and believable.

In an article by Laura Lorenz of, she said:
• Testimonials build Trust
• Testimonials aren’t Salesy
• Testimonials overcome Skepticism

Trust, Credibility, Persuasion and Stories

Tyler Technologies “Is With You”

An article on, “3 Reasons Why Testimonials Are So Powerful” says it another way.

• Build Trust & Credibility with Social Proof
Testimonials allow your satisfied customers to step forward and address the questions and objections that fill the minds of the prospective buyer for you. Then their anxious minds are put at ease, knowing that other customers have been happy and satisfied doing business with you.

• Persuade the Mind with Emotion
There are neurological studies which all confirm that people rely on emotions — not logic — to make decisions.

Brands that connect with their prospects on an emotional level are better positioned to persuade them to buy.

• Nothing Captures Attention Like a Good Story
At the heart of testimonials are stories: characters (your buyers) who had a problem or an unfulfilled desire (conflict) and found the solution in your business (resolution). That’s why testimonials, when done well, use stories to draw your prospects in and connect with them emotionally

As we trust and believe in those people most like us, the testimonial will continue to grow in importance. Testimonials just keep working.

Look around your organization and ask, “What stories do we have to tell and who best to tell them?”

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