CRM Studios is proud of the work we have done. Here are just a few things our clients are saying about us!


“We had a great convention and the content you prepared worked flawlessly. Thank you so much. Working so closely together made it so easy. It was a pleasure working on this with you and your team…I expect we’ll be doing it again.”

– Patty, Alcon Labs


“Everything went great and they love the video! Really appreciate the great work you guys did on this. I’m actually about to move to one of our Product teams as part of our rotational program — will keep you in mind for future projects for sure.”

– Nick, Essilor USA Product Manager


“Great job on this… everybody loved it!”

– Jonathan, Hitachi Consulting


“Our clients were very happy with the recording and DVDs that you and your team did for us. You helped us recover and look good and we appreciate it.”

– Kevin, Producer, Circle 2 Productions


“Great job – no, FREAKIN’ GREAT JOB – on the video especially given the quick turn around time. You sought out to impress us – and from my perspective overshot! I look forward to future projects together.”

– Rich, Haggar Clothing


“We’ve had excellent feedback of the new Patient Education DVD from our customers! Thanks for the great job with the video again.”

– Eve, Alcon Labs


“Everyone was impressed with all videos and it was a pleasure working with you.”

– Seth, Essilor America


“You guys are always top of mind for all our production needs and I sincerely hope we can get around to working with you soon.” Best to you guys, and keep in touch!”

– Stacy, Freese & Nichols Engineering



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