Happy Thanksgiving from CRM Studios

The Art of Being Thankful

If you’ve been in business even a short while you know how tough it is. Every day is filled with deadlines, demands, changes and challenges. But those same days are also filled with wonder and consideration and care, sprinkled with smiles and laughter.

As we begin this holiday season, CRM Studios is thankful for many, many things.
  • Wonderful customers who trust us, depend on us and listen to us.
  • A terrific staff of professionals who deeply value the work they produce. Each a craftsman in their own right.
  • The opportunity to earn a living being creative (Yea, we get paid for that!).
  • Enough success to keep us in the latest, most sophisticated technology tools imaginable. Work is fun.
  • An ever-changing world of video production, which keep us fresh and sharp with every change we see.
  • Friends who are customers, suppliers, supporters, investors and managers.
  • The CRM family, our own and our extended families. 

This Thanksgiving holiday our wish is that you stay safe and find joy, laughter and peace.
Happy Thanksgiving,
The CRM Family

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