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American Airlines 

CR Smith Museum  

Special Venue Theater Film

The Pursuit of Flight

CRM Studios was extremely proud to be asked to tell American Airline’s story for their CR Smith Museum Special Venue Theater in Fort Worth, Texas.

This unique flight museum, originally built just for the AA employees, eventually opened to the public and is now one of the most visited flight museums in the country.

There was a very famous pilot who flew mail for the Robertson Aircraft Company in the early days of regular airmail deliveries, circa mid-1920’s. Robertson later merged with several other start-up air carriers of the day to form what we all know as American Airlines today.

Q: Can you guess that famous pilot was?

A: Charles Lindberg, aka “Lucky Lindy”

Just how lucky was Lindy? It seems in the 9 months he flew mail for the U.S. Mail Service he had to bail out of two different plane incidents…only to safely float to the ground TWICE after having lost both planes while making his daily trip between to his Midwestern destinations, Chicago and St. Louis. In other words, he was REALLY lucky.


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