Video Shooting Drones Are All the Rage

Drones are all the rage in video production today. Aerial shots, fly-bys, dive bombs all add drama and excitement to the final video. The video shooting drones we use are not toys, but large, powerful aircraft that must be registered with the U.S. Government.

At huge events like the Super Bowl and Olympics, squadrons of drones have become part of the show, flying in dazzling formations.

Not everyone can fly drones to capture video. Law requires a “licensed drone operator (LDO) be present to pilot the drone or on-site acting as the “pilot in charge.” To become an LDO requires you pass a rigorous exam. CRM Studios has three such LDOs and several even more experienced pilots.

Video Shooting Drones

The video shooting drones CRM Studios uses in our Dallas facility include a DJI Mavic Pro Platinum and a DJI Inspire 2. Both aircraft feature flight times of just under 30 minutes, 4K video resolution, and an effective range of more than 4 miles. The Inspire 2 features a live 1080p feed and can fly just under 60 Mph. In our Shreveport, LA facility we use a GoPro Hero 4 black camera on a 3-axis mount and will soon add a Mavic Pro drone to the toolbox. These smaller, lighter drones are extremely versatile, sending live video directly to an Apple iPad for preview.

New Creative Possibilities

The uses for these drones are almost limitless. We have moved far beyond simple aerial shots to a myriad of creative possibilities. Check out this compilation video.


We love our tech at CRM Studios but not just because it’s cool. Advanced tech like drones opens up creative possibilities for our clients. With the versatility and shot quality these new drones provide, the sky is quite literally the limit to what CRM can do for your next video project. Come fly with us.

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