When art and business collide, magic happens

by Tom Kirkhart
Executive Producer,
Dallas video production company, CRM Studios

There is an age old debate about when art and business collide. Can you be both creative and also buttoned up with your business dealings? Or do you have to sacrifice one for the other?

Which do you want?

  1. A partner who produces wonderful creative video, but misses the mark on the organization, timing and budgets. They’re great people, but just don’t return your call very quickly.
  2. A partner that runs your business like you want, prompt, detailed, on-time and on-budget, but lacks that spark in their creative effort or lets your video project quality suffer.
  3. A partner that has both — great creative and a reliable, consistent approach to handling your business.

Art and Business Collide

When art and business collideWell, of course you want both creativity and good business practices. That’s easy to say and hard to do.

Recently in a conversation with one of our new clients, we were accused of being “maybe too ‘organized'” That comment scared us a bit, fearing we could be misunderstood as buttoned-up but not creative. If our name had “ad agency” at the end of it, you’d certainly expect that any video, ad or collateral piece would have first been diagnosed and analyzed with a marketing strategy that’s been worked out long before anyone wants to get creative. And that’s our quandary.

We do great art, but first we do our homework

CRM Studios a production company born of marketing and advertising. That means we’re steeped in marketing strategy and possess the uncanny ability to value your strategy over our art, our budget or our timeline.

We can make beautiful, award-winning art. But we’ve all learned that beauty and awards are meaningless if the production doesn’t help you succeed. You’re not happy, your management isn’t happy and you never come back to work with us again.

So, we first want to understand that there’s a marketing strategy and some serious thought put behind the project. And if there isn’t we’re going to try and help you craft a good strategy for your video. Why? Why does CRM harass you about strategy? That’s the sometimes mundane, homework. Let’s get to the creative. We demand that the homework be done first so you will succeed. We want you back. And if your video works; if it gets the attention your product or service needs, you’ll be back.

It’s a simple formula — Business + Art = Magic.

For 20+ years we’ve built our success on first knowing why we’re doing this project, who we’re talking to and what we should be banging home about this product or service. We learned that some of the best work is done with our thinking caps firmly connected to the tops of our skulls.

Then after all the homework’s been done it’s much easier to start writing scripts, finding locations, creating sets and only then pulling out the cameras, the lights, finding music and the other things most people think make up the video business.

Really successful videos are achieved first in conference rooms and at the computer finessing the shooting script, then comes locations, sets, cameras, lights and music.

Make no mistake, we can create virtually any style of video you can come up with, but the bigger question is who we’re talking to, what we’re saying and essentially ”how will it work?” Art for art’s sake is beautiful, but does it sell, or interest and inspire the people who will walk in the store, find you online, send an email or make that precious phone call.

See What Happens When Art and Business Collide

Here are some very cool examples of what was done after the big strategies had been set, and not a moment before:

Premier Trailer Leasing

Here’s an example of creating just the right number of short videos (pods) so the client’s important customers and partners (from truck drivers, to operations heads to venture capitalists) have the ability to watch only the information that’s important to them.


Mitel, a large international technology company found customers didn’t necessarily understand what they did as a technology company. Knowing the company is tied to networking to the tune of some two billion connections each and every day, a tight strategy was needed to ensure the Mitel story was on track for all customers, vendors and partners.


Haggar’s business longevity was changing from asset to liability with the perception that a successful, decades old clothing company produced old, less cool garments. The furthest from the truth for Haggar, but too often perception trumps reality in the consumer’s mind. So the strategy was to change that perception and show the Haggar brand in its true light as modern and cool.

Dallas Video Production Company

At Dallas video production company CRM Studios we write it, build it, paint it, plan it, scout it, cast it, shoot it, record it, edit it, animate it, dub it, label it, deliver it and archive it at your place or ours – all in a timely and professional way that makes you look good and want to do it all again!

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