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Yes, we manage millions of dollars worth of equipment, but it’s our people that determine our success. The creative minds and skilled hands of our senior staff members have shared their expertise with some of the newer members of our team along the way. Together, we have continued to evolve with the changing landscape of corporate and commercial video production.


Steve Dunning


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Steve grew up with visions of directing commercials. He started at a local DFW television station then quickly moved on to a small production company where he was given the opportunity to shoot a McDonald's commercial at the age of 21. Steve loves directing best; if you ask him about it, he'll say, "It's fun to get to do what you want when you grow up!" In addition to his creative passions, Steve uses his expertise to inspire and drive the creative process at CRM Studios. You'll never meet a man more passionate about the creative process and production than he is. When Steve's not at the office, he's either traveling with his family or off standing in a river casting a fly rod in perfect peace.


Scott Burress

CEO, Executive Producer, Director

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With a versatile skill set encompassing directing, producing, shooting, editing, and adapting to various crew roles, Scott plays a pivotal role within his team.  Scott is a graduate of Baylor University, where his career journey first commenced as an editor at On Video, eventually paving the way to becoming a director.  The turning point occurred when he joined Aries Productions, followed by solidifying an integral role within Circle R Media. Beyond Scott’s professional endeavors, he finds enjoyment in watching movies, indulging in music, watching college football and basketball, and, of course, time with the family. His sanctuary, where he unwinds, involves firing up the grill, enjoying good music, and savoring a cold drink.


Greg Lawrence

Director of Broadcast Production
CRM Studios Louisiana

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Greg is a versatile professional, wearing the hats of a writer, producer, and director to help clients craft captivating videos and commercials. With a dedicated career spanning marketing and advertising, his journey commenced at one of the industry's giants, The Richards Group in Dallas, Texas, during the first phase. The latter part of his career has been dedicated to the production company realm at CRM Studios. Beyond his professional life, Greg finds solace and rejuvenation in the simple joys of outdoor pursuits, including hunting and fishing. He's also an avid LSU football enthusiast, delighting in the camaraderie of tailgating and game days.


Jennifer Burk

Director of Media

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As a seasoned expert in strategic media planning and buying, Jennifer is well-versed in navigating the landscape of various media formats.  Her proficiency extends to crafting unique media strategies tailored to client objectives and informed by meticulous research. She excels in media option analysis, adeptly assembling the complex “media puzzle.” With over 35 years of industry experience, she has traversed through media departments of all sizes. Her commitment to the advancement of the media industry is exemplified through her substantial involvement with the Alliance of Women in Media. Jennifer finds fulfillment while tending to her yard, trying new plants, and seeing which ones thrive. Nature holds a special place in her heart, even in the heart of the city, where she finds peace amidst the urban landscape.


Emily Walker


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Emily’s journey through the production landscape can be likened to a producer’s trifecta. She embarked on her path as an agency producer, setting the stage for her subsequent roles as a client producer and now, a production company producer. She honed her skills by producing compelling radio and television commercials for national giants, including big names like Caesar’s Entertainment, the Texas Lottery, 7-Eleven, and PepsiCo. Not content with just that, she was recruited to a Fortune 500 company to serve as their Director of Broadcast Production. In this role, she produced a closed-circuit television show that reached thousands of retail locations, offering an unparalleled blend of entertainment and information.

Emily briefly paused her career to care for her two daughters, where she continued her ability to multitask, manage deadlines, and perfect her interpersonal skills. She’s excited to be back in the whirlwind of production because, for her, it’s not just work – it’s personal fun, akin to the thrill of an endurance sport. Emily is an avid sports fan, loves outdoor adventures, and cherishes quality time with family.

Shawn Fernandez Headshot

Shawn Fernandez

Senior Editor & Lead Motion Graphics Designer

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Shawn has a real gift for motion graphics – he makes the kind of cool visuals that his clients can’t get enough of.  His media game started way back when he was sprinting around the track for the University of Texas.  He didn’t just run; he also snagged his degree in Radio, Television & Film.  Shawn is CRM’s handy-dandy multi-tool – he’s comfortable behind the camera, chopping up footage, or rocking the audio booth. His creative flair is evident; Shawn’s magic touch on a short film once scored him a hat trick of fancy awards for producing, shooting, and editing. But when he’s off the clock, Shawn’s all about road-tripping on an open highway or scaling a mountainside in his 4Runner, so long as he has his love, Sara, he’s in a happy place.


Deon Anderson

Editor & Motion Graphic Designer

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Deon is a visionary motion graphic designer, character animator, and photographer with a remarkable 10-year journey in crafting immersive visual experiences. His journey into the creative world began at Full Sail University, where he successfully graduated with a BS in Computer Animation, and his AAS Graphic Design from Rose State.  Renowned for an innovative approach that seamlessly blends storytelling with stunning visuals. Deon has a diverse skill set, from creating captivating motion graphics that have graced screens across various platforms, to producing visually compelling animations that breathe life into characters, to capturing breathtaking moments through the lens, Deon's exceptional talent has not gone unnoticed. His groundbreaking work led to an Emmy nomination, a testament to his contribution to the art of motion graphics and character animation. Additionally, Deon has been honored with the prestigious OAB award, recognizing outstanding achievements in the field. His sanctuary, where he unwinds, involves firing up the grill, playing video games, or sitting down with music and drawing portraits.


Kevin Alexander

Senior Editor & Videographer
CRM Studios Louisiana

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Kevin thrives in the dynamic world of videography and editing, embracing the entirety of the production process. Whether it’s the act of filming, voiceover recording, the intricacies of editing, or the art of selecting the perfect musical score, he revels in the process of transforming ideas into impactful visual communication. Kevin’s career began as a television news videographer, where he covered significant events such as the Columbia Shuttle disaster and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. While his career path has ventured into marketing and production, at his core, he identifies as a storyteller, approaching each creative and technical task with the spirit of narrative weaving. His creative spirit extends beyond the screen, as he’s been playing the guitar for over two decades, holding the Fender Stratocaster in high regard as one of humanity’s greatest inventions.


Tamara Wilson

Accountant & Human Resources Liaison

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As the steward of Accounting and Human Resources within the team, Tamara plays a pivotal role in the day-to-day operations at CRM Studios. With a dedicated tenure of over 20 years, she brings a wealth of experience and commitment to her role. Before joining CRM, her career began within the financial services department at Tyler Junior College, further enhancing her expertise. Outside work, Tamara finds joy in connecting with family and watching sports.  Tamara has a youthful spirit, unwavering drive, and determination, traits that keep her ever-watchful and ready for new challenges.


Tom Richards

Stage Manager, Cameraman & Gaffer

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Tom takes on a multitude of roles at CRM Studios, serving as a cameraman, gaffer, grip, electrician, audio support, transportation expert, set constructor, and maintenance guru. Originating from Fort Worth, Texas, he brings a down-to-earth, hardworking ethos to his role. Tom enjoys iPhoto, walking, and hiking. Family also holds a special place in his heart with quality time spent playing with his grandson.

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