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The success of any project starts with the people involved. From video producers to film directors, screenwriters and storyboard artists, the list can get long and confusing— especially if you have limited experience with a videographer film crew. CRM Studios can fill all those positions with talented and creative team members. We can also supplement any production crews you’ve put together. 

The Right People in the Right Positions

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A typical video production requires a lot of crew members, or hands, who each fulfill a specific function. Most of these positions are fairly self-explanatory, but here’s a quick breakdown of who might be involved.

  • Producer

  • Director

  • Gaffer

  • Cinematographer

  • Camera Operator

  • Stage Manager

  • Script Supervisor

  • Teleprompter Operator

  • Audio Technician

  • Audio Assistant

  • Technical Director

  • Chyron Operator

  • Camera Shaders

  • Hair and Makeup Stylists

Other Roles Before and After a Shoot:

  • Screenwriter

  • Storyboard Artist

  • Editor

  • Animator

  • Media Buyer

A Great Crew
A Great Value

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Not every shoot requires full production crews, but you can have faith that CRM Studios has talented and experienced team members capable of staffing every position. We’re not going to charge you for a crew position that isn't suited to your project's needs.

Perhaps you have an established relationship with a floor director and would like to bring them aboard your next project. CRM Studios has no problem working with your established production crew.

We enjoy meeting and working with new people whenever we have the opportunity. It gives each team the chance to be exposed to a different perspective and maybe even learn something new. 

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"That's a Lot of People.
What Do They All Do?"

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  • The producer makes sure the production has all the resources it needs for success. 
  • The director is responsible for the overall look and style of the project. 
  • The gaffer determines the best lights to use and lights the set. 
  • The cinematographer (film) or videographer (electronic media) is responsible for capturing the shot the director wants to achieve.
  • Camera operators run the camera equipment. 
  • The stage manager makes sure everything in the studio is ready to roll and available for those using the stage.
  • The script supervisor makes sure all shots are accounted for and records on-the-fly changes. 
  • The teleprompter operator makes sure talent can read their lines.
  • The audio technician (sometimes referred to as “A1”) makes sure they can be heard. 
  • Occasionally the A1 will have an audio assistant, or “A2,” to set up and test microphones.
  • Technical Directors (TDs), or Switchers, jump to different shots at the discretion of the director.
  • Chyron operators feed graphics, on-screen text and images to the program video.
  • Camera shaders are the “Goldilocks” of the crew. They make sure that all the cameras look the same - not too dark or too exposed... but just right.
  • Hair/Makeup stylists make your talent look their best, especially when recorded in HD.
  • Screenwriters write the script, formatting it for video production.
  • Storyboard artists help everybody see the director’s vision.
  • Editors put the project together in the right order. They add elements like graphics, text, sound effects and music beds.
  • Animators add (or remove) elements using various animation techniques and software.
  • Media Buyers ensure your project gets the proper exposure on TV, the radio and the Internet.
  • CRM Studios can fill any or all of these positions with in-house staff or professional freelancers.

Let us help you tell your story.
Get a quote for your next project.

Let us help you tell your story.
Get a quote for your next project.

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