Soundstage and Control Room

Our Dallas Soundstage
Leads the Way

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Stage 2 of Mercury Studios, formerly the Studios at Las Colinas, is home base for CRM Studios’ Dallas location. 

This historic film studio is big and versatile enough for just about any project, yet compact enough to be overseen by a single-stage manager. If you’re looking to control as many elements as possible, you can’t go wrong with this Dallas broadcast studio. 

The studio dimensions are a robust 80-foot by 70-foot (5600 sq ft) and feature 20 feet of clearance to the lighting grid (112,000 cubic ft). The grid itself boasts 150 20-amp drops along with six 100-amp boxes. Two ladder access points lead to the grid catwalk so lights can be adjusted from above or below using our electric lift.

This video production studio features a four-camera setup comprised of three ped cams and a 12-foot jib cam. All four cameras are teleprompter-ready. The whole set is supported by our adjacent HD control room.


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  • Ross Carbonite 2S 2-MLE switcher, switchable formats  
  • Two 55-inch multiviewers
  • Four Panasonic 3800 HD 2/3-inch 2.2 Megapixel 3CCD studio cameras (three on peds/one on jib), with Fujinon 20X Lens, 2X extenders and 2X digital extenders
  • Three Vinten studio camera pedestals
  • Two wire RTS Intercom Systems, wired and wireless belt packs on cameras and all control room stations
  • Chyron two-channel HD Graffiti System for on-air graphics with media playout
  • Five AJA Ki-Pro Decks for program and/or ISO Recording, SD or HD
  • Twentyfour-channel Soundcraft Expression mixer for audio recording/mixing with a 46-inch multiviewer
  • Six wireless lavalier microphones with extra hard-wired mics as needed
  • Six phone lines for show call-Ins, takable to air/tape 
  • Fiber, satellite or Internet connectivity from control room
  • Fiber via “The Switch” Connectivity
  • Satellite via a contracted vendor.  Location truck using above methods
  • Laptop to Air (two HDMI With Analog Audio Stations)
  • In-room printer/copier/scanner
  • Skype TalkShow calls to air/tape
  • Talent IFB, wired and wireless
  • PowerPoint to air/tape
  • FrameSync and UDC converters for conversion
  • Wired and wireless Internet access for guest use
  • FinalCut and Premiere Edit-Suite in control room allows for quick edits to air
  • Teleprompter for all four studio cameras

Do I Need a Soundstage
With a Control Room?

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The primary function of our Dallas control room is to facilitate live-switching between cameras and other video feeds, including full-screen graphics. It is also used to shade cameras, send teleprompter signals, record footage and other broadcast functions. 

Almost all of these functions can be performed in post production, so unless you’re broadcasting live or have a really quick turnaround, the control room might be an unnecessary upgrade to your soundstage usage. The team at CRM Studios will advise you based on the needs of your particular project, but the option to use the stage with our HD control room is ultimately your call. If you don’t need it, you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

The Shreveport Soundstage is Ready to Roll!

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Our Shreveport soundstage is an asset of tremendous convenience and versatility. The soundstage at CRM Studios Shreveport is more than ample for most TV commercial or industry testimonial spots. Closer to the dimensions of more traditional soundstages at 32’ by 29’ feet, this one offers nearly 950 square feet of controlled environmental conditions.

CRM Shreveport’s stage features an industry standard green screen with curved cyclorama or “Cyc” wall, professional lighting equipment, and a multi-actor motion capture system. The Cyc wall runs along the perimeter of the stage for infinite depth of field and, while pre-lit and ready for green screen shoots, can be painted and lit for a variety of looks.

The adjacent control room and audio booth provide the needed environment for any type of video production. A variety of other adjoining spaces are available as make-up or dressing rooms as well.

“What Else Do I Need in Addition to the Soundstage for My Project?"

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Some of the basics you might need for your project include cameras, a lighting package, audio equipment, wardrobe, makeup and a crew to run it all. CRM Studios can provide you with all of these. For a more complete list of production equipment and packages, see our Production Equipment page.

You’ll find our loading ramps, loading docks, and studio loading doors accommodating. They are especially helpful should you choose to bring your own equipment, props and set decorations.

The docks are standard height for large trucks, while the ramps have roll-up doors that are spacious enough to drive a fully equipped broadcast trailer into the studio (we’ve done it)!  The studio doors are 11-feet 5-inches wide by 15-feet 8-inches high, taking much of the stress out of load-in and load-out.

You can rent the stage by itself or choose the package for equipment and crew that’s just right for you. You can add items and crew a la cart as well, but due to legal directives, a CRM Studios stage manager is required for all shoots on our soundstage. Don’t worry, we’re here to help, not get in the way.

Let us help you tell your story.
Get a quote for your next project.

Let us help you tell your story. Get a quote for your next project.

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