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Filming on the water, swamps in a boat

Sep 28 2021

8 Reasons Experience is Key When Choosing a Video Production Company

“Production is constantly removing problems while shooting!”  Long ago, someone tried to explain video production in those terms. There’s some truth to that statement. At Dallas video production company CRM Studios, we take it a little further. Experience is your best friend when it comes to anticipating and knowing how to remove potential production problems…
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Dallas Video production filming in brewery

Aug 16 2021

7 Steps to Prepare for Your First Video Project

If you need video for your next virtual conference or employee orientation, there are many directions you could take. If it’s your first video production, things can be a little overwhelming — you may not even know where to begin!  Dallas video production company CRM Studios has been making videos for over 25 years, so…
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Kids being kids during a Play Town TV commercial shoot at CRM Studios

Jul 26 2021

Tips for Filming with Toddlers and Young Children

A recent location shoot for a local children’s museum required Dallas video production company CRM Studios to capture children interacting with the displays and exhibits. Fortunately, we have decades of experience filming with young children and toddlers. If you’re new to video production or just haven’t had the opportunity yet to work with the wee…
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Location filming in Prosper

May 18 2021

CRM Studios Films On Location With HomeTeam Pest Defense

Location shoot covers four scripts in one day! Dallas video production company CRM Studios recently teamed up with Agency QMobius and HomeTeam Pest Defense for a very productive location shoot. The objective was simple but ambitious: capture enough video on location to cover four separate videos demonstrating HomeTeam Pest Defense’s service procedures and quality guarantee. …
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Virtual events like this Junior Leage Luncheon are replacing in-person

Mar 9 2021

What You Need to Know When Planning a Virtual Conference or Event

Amid the unprecedented circumstances of 2020, Dallas video production company CRM Studios has helped many clients avoid cancelling important conventions and meetings by transitioning them to virtual conferences or events.  Here are ten of the most significant virtual event planning considerations we’ve distilled from the experience. 1. Start with last year’s outline if you are…
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Video production doesn't stop for the weather

Feb 19 2021

What You Need to Know When Shooting Video in Cold Weather

Here in North Texas, where Dallas video production company CRM Studios calls home, the weather has taken a recent dramatic turn to arctic levels.While we’re used to shooting video in hot temperatures, video production here must occasionally deal with sub-freezing conditions.  With that in mind, here are a few tips from our team on how…
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