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Behind the Scenes Medical Equipment Shoot

Sep 2 2022

4 Reasons Why CRM Studios Is Your Go-To Resource for Healthcare Video Production

CRM Studios has the expertise and creative eye to handle every healthcare video production project. Call us today for more info.
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CRM Studios Virtual Event Production

Feb 4 2022

7 Reasons Why You Should Go With CRM Studios for Your Virtual Event Production

1. We’re Prepared for Virtual Event Production Projects One of the most unappreciated parts of any production is preparation. The more prepared you are, the more aspects you can anticipate and it helps you plan how the day goes. With virtual meetings, the one thing you can’t control is connectivity. You don’t know when you’re…
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CRM Studios Video Production Company

Jan 14 2022

4 Ways CRM Studios Sets Itself Apart From Other Video Production Companies

Here at CRM Studios, producing high-quality videos and providing exceptional production services is something we take very seriously. We want to provide you the best experience and give you the confidence that we’re the right video production company for you and your project.
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Filming on the water, swamps in a boat

Sep 28 2021

8 Reasons Experience is Key When Choosing a Video Production Company

“Production is constantly removing problems while shooting!”  Long ago, someone tried to explain video production in those terms. There’s some truth to that statement. At Dallas video production company CRM Studios, we take it a little further. Experience is your best friend when it comes to anticipating and knowing how to remove potential production problems…
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Dallas Video production filming in brewery

Aug 16 2021

7 Steps to Prepare for Your First Video Project

If you need video for your next virtual conference or employee orientation, there are many directions you could take. If it’s your first video production, things can be a little overwhelming — you may not even know where to begin!  Dallas video production company CRM Studios has been making videos for over 25 years, so…
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Kids being filmed for a Play Town TV commercial shoot at CRM Studios

Jul 26 2021

Tips for Filming with Toddlers and Young Children

A recent location shoot for a local children’s museum required Dallas video production company CRM Studios to capture children interacting with the displays and exhibits. Fortunately, we have decades of experience filming with young children and toddlers. If you’re new to video production or just haven’t had the opportunity yet to work with the wee…
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