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6 Interview Tips To Help Your Business Shine

Virtual events like this Junior Leage Luncheon are replacing in-person

There are several great ways to market your business and CRM Studios has a wealth of knowledge for however you want to accomplish that. 

If you need video production services or are looking to create your very own commercial or are simply looking to demonstrate your services or products, we’re here to help. 

Most of the time, at the center of these types of productions is an interview and we’ve got 6 tips to help you be the interviewer and the interviewee.

Check out these top 6 tips for producing a successful interview:

1. Choosing The Right Interviewer

If you’re considering using an interview to showcase your services and let your head of marketing or public relations wax poetic about what you do so well, you need the right person to help you seamlessly communicate that information without beating your audience over the head with it. That’s where CRM Studios will step up to the plate for you. We’ve got the experienced professionals that know how to let you shine. Interviewing is an art and there are several plays in our playbook that we utilize to make sure you shine in the spotlight.

2. It Starts With Preparation

Preparation is the foundation for a successful interview and we have advice for both the interviewer and interviewee. Let’s start with you, the interviewee. When the bright lights are shining in your face and the long list of talking points is swirling around in your head, it can be easy to forget the core messages you’re trying to get across. That’s why both sides need to make sure they’re prepared. It helps to make a short list of areas you want to cover and try to prioritize them so that if you have to make some cuts, you’re ready to do so in the heat of the moment. Furthermore, think about the type of words you want to use in your answers. Let’s say you’re a healthcare professional, some core themes you want to make sure are covered might include your commitment to providing tailored care to each patient and treating them like humans instead of paychecks. You’re invested in their good health and it’s up to you to make it clear that you have their back during the darkest of times. Consider telling some anecdotes of some recent patients you’ve helped out and talk about their journey with you and your team. Any way you can show you and your company’s humble, yet confident perspective is always ideal. And as for tips on being the interviewer, preparing each and every question is obviously the priority, but throwing up some softballs for the interviewee to knock out of the park so they can get comfortable is always a good start. Then you’re able to seamlessly transition to the subjects you really want to hit on. We are CRM Studios know how to build a rapport with our subjects and that comes across in every interview we conduct. Interviews go faster than you think, so making sure you’re prepared on both sides of the equation is crucial to getting the most out of every question and answer.

3. Asking The Right Questions

Preparation will always be important, but it’s also critical to consider how you want to affect the audience. Are you trying to inform them? Are you giving them a glimpse at what you do on a daily basis? Or are you trying to connect with them on a deeper level? If you can get your viewers to experience emotion, they’re going to remember you and what you had to say. Finding a way to invoke feelings and sentiments starts with the right questions. Instead of asking what, when or where, try to get to the how and why. And if you’re the one answering the questions, think about why you provide the services you do and what makes your company unique in the way that it does them. Answering those questions can truly set you apart from your competition and if you inject some emotion along the way, people will have your face and your company to associate those emotions with.

4. Aim For A Conversation, Not An Interview

Sometimes interviews can look rigid and produced. Here at CRM Studios, we pride ourselves on creating a relaxed environment where your business can shine. That atmosphere can be curated in several different ways, from the lighting and setting, to the type of questions asked to the overall feel of the interview. Our producers and crew have the expertise to make the people they interview feel comfortable and at ease so they can put their best foot forward when it comes to marketing their business.

5. Pristine Post-Production

It’s not enough to just get a good interview on video. A lot of the work CRM Studios specializes in is what happens after the video has been shot. Editing of the video and fine-tuning of the audio is absolutely integral to a successful interview. Being able to dissect and cut the video into digestible pieces that your business can highlight for its website, social media channels or for a commercial is extremely valuable. The emphasis that is put in the post-production is always being considered while the interview is taking place as well. Our producers know to look for those special moments to highlight and that perspective influences every word that is spoken and every decision made.

6. Know Your Audience

No one wants to feel like they’re being overly sold a product or service. It’s a slippery slope to an interview turning into an infomercial. That’s why it’s important to know who your videos are for, how they like to be digested and what makes them tick. Simply put, everyone likes to be entertained, but the true value in an interview for your company is how important it is to come across genuine, likable and trustworthy alongside an engaging attitude. CRM Studios has all the methods down to help you and your business achieve this. 

If you’re in need of a top-notch video production team to organize, create and direct your next interview, contact a producer at CRM Studios to get started.

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