CRM Managed Video Services

Creating your own in-house video service can be costly and time-consuming. But for some brands it is preferable to putting all their video production in the hands of an outside vendor. The ideal world would be where you have inside resources managed by experts with access to more people and equipment than you can otherwise afford.

Enter Managed Video Services

CRM Studios in Dallas, Texas has more than 20 years experience in video production, working with a wide range of organizations, large and small. We have the professionals, the equipment, and the studio facilities second to none. Our reel is broad and impressive, just look at the Work section on this website.

We have helped some of our customers transition to in-house video services and watched them endure pain and high costs. So we devised a better solution.  Craft a customized plan where:

  • We help you manage your in-house video professionals and resources.
  • We give you access to our great content creators, script writers, shooters, editors, animators, sound technicians and others as you need them.
  • We give you access to hundreds of thousands of dollars of modern, top of the line video equipment and data storage solutions.
  • We employ proven management techniques to your total video production services, in-house and outside.

Save Time, Money and Stomach Acid

Our goal is to help you reduce the headaches of managing a costly, creative in-house function and to significantly enhance your capabilities. If your video production demand surges, you don’t have to hire, we supplement your team with our existing staff. If you have very specific needs, like animation, 3D, location or studio shoots, we have those capabilities and can move quickly. You need a great, show stopping idea. We’ve been there and done that.



It Doesn’t Hurt to Talk

It won’t cost you more than a little time to talk about the possibilities to see if CRM Managed Video Services can help you.

Call us at 469-484-9400 or email us at or fill out the form below and we’ll call you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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