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Featuring Shawn Fernandez, Senior Editor

Video editing today is akin to technical magic. Great editors can literally pull together video and sound in perfect timing to emote a feeling or emphasize a message. They control every aspect of the final product from pace and timing to the mood and focus of a particular scene.

CRM Studios masters of production - video editing

From script to screen and everything in between

At CRM Studios, everything we create is crafted by many hands, each with different skills. While this process of synergy and cooperation works well for the project, it blurs the contributions made by the individuals involved.

So let’s take a moment to pay attention to the women and men behind the curtain at CRM Studios. In this segment, video editing.

It’s Not the Tools that Make the Editor

Our video editors use all the normal tools and push huge amounts of data through fiber optics to our data storage facility. Clients can see segments through our review portal allowing them to collaborate on the final product.

“Everyone in this business has basically the same gear to work with,” says Shawn Fernandez, senior editor. “The magic is not in the tools, but in the minds and the hands of the editor. It’s what you do with your editing tools that matters.”

As a rule, about 80% of my time is spent preparing, designing, acquiring and building the edit or graphic animation, adds Hernandez. The remaining 20% is spent finessing, finishing and mastering the final edit.

Shawn Fernandez, CRM Studios

Creative Freedom and Vision

“I like having some creative freedom.” he says. “I take the full concept of the project and orchestrate it to what I understand the client wants.”

“Vision,” he’s quick to add, “whether from the client or the editor, doesn’t always lead to execution. So understanding what the client really wants out of a project is vital. That means researching the client, the brand, the culture, and the audience. So vision is much more than just editing video and audio.”

Favorite Video Editing Project

Making short videos to promote a game release, as Shawn did for GameTrust’s “Song of the Deep,” demands a deeply creative approach. Sure, it’s basically a training video for GameStop store personnel, but it’s so much more. Video editing brings it all together.

Shawn creates the look of GameStop’s training videos and the GameStop TV Broadcasts Packages. That artistic liberty has to be earned. Shawn has a decade of supporting GameStop at E3 and their annual Store Manager Conference, where he turns out new videos within hours. Success, over time helped build the trust Shawn now enjoys.

“I love my job. And having a client like GameStop that gives us that creative freedom — that’s really the coolest thing.”

Pro Tips Box

Senior Video Editor and Lead Motion Graphics Designer

Shawn Fernandez recently celebrated his 12th year with CRM. While video editing is his primary job, he is also the Lead Motion Graphics Designer.

Shawn is an example of the highly professional and experienced craftsmen and artist at CRM Studios.


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