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Video Production Jargon Quiz

Video Production Jargon Quiz

Video production has its own set of rules, and, like many industries, has its own interesting and sometimes strange terminology that may surprise you. Here’s a short quiz to test your knowledge of video production terminology:

1. “C-47” refers to:

  • A paperclip
  • A giant jet that delivers big equipment
  • A clothespin
  • A pipe clamp

2. A “key grip” is:

  1. A sound expert
  2. The person in charge of camera equipment
  3. A type of pipe clamp
  4. A member in charge of lighting equipment

3. A “gel” is used to:

  1. Adjust the color glow in a scene
  2. Quickly take off an actor’s make up 
  3. Staging paint used on dark floors
  4. Improve vocal cord reverberation in actors 

4. A “key light” is a:

  1. Pipe clamp holding up lighting grid
  2. Main primary light 
  3. Light that looks like a key
  4. C-Stand that has a light attached

5. A “baby” is a:

  1. A new crew member
  2. Older than a newborn
  3. Someone who reports to the director
  4. A small tripod for low angle shots

6. A “martini” refers to:

  1. The preferred drink of directors & producers 
  2. The last shot of the day
  3. The reason the actors can’t get their lines right
  4. A fluid used to clean camera cables

7. A “stinger” is:

  1. A wire coming off a RedCam lens
  2. A connector used with a C-47 & gel
  3. An extension cord
  4. A dangerous arachnid found in Texas fields 

8. “Sticks” refer to:

  1. Actresses long legs
  2. Tripod used to hold camera steady
  3. Wooden dolly holders
  4. Wood used to warm up cold actors/actresses

9. A “strike” in video production means:

  1. An actor hits one of the crew members
  2. Everyone’s upset; they’re heading for their trucks
  3. Tearing the set down after a production
  4. A metal plate connected to the tripod

10. A “cookie” refers to:

  1. Snack food for the cast and crew
  2. A device for projecting images on sets
  3. A plastic nozzle used to fix the lens aperture
  4. The gift a producer drops off at client’s office

How did you do? If these terms are unfamiliar to you, that’s okay. Dallas video production company CRM Studios is here for you. If you need to create a video, contact us today to see how stress-free we can make your project.


  1. C  
  2. B  
  3. D  
  4. B  
  5. C. 
  6. B  
  7. C  
  8. B

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