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Innovation Is Built Into This Video Production Company’s DNA


We look back on some of our earlier innovative video production projects and then update our “Innovations in Communications” list with some other exciting new innovative ways to use that ol’ TV of yours.  

CRM Studios is indeed an innovator because of where we started; we were created to be one of the first private network TV systems in America used by a major Fortune 500 Company, RadioShack. This was back when only the military had their own networks; we were designed to be able to broadcast a private TV signal to over 7,600 stores across America. We were created on the edge of new age broadcasting and then we tried to never leave the edge. 

CRM Studios Stories from the Edge 

Years ago we did a fun little demo on the various ways someone could do a corporate or nonprofit video on all of the various ways we could do a typical video. The list was pretty fun, and yes, innovative (pun, intended) at the time. However, we look back and we can stack a whole new list of innovative video types that are available, that we’ve worked on over the past twenty years or so.

Luckily for us, CRM Studios’ size, crew of seasoned veterans, and  amazing facilities–at both of our locations, have allowed us to help to create some of the most cutting edge and exciting visual projects that may be out of the abilities of many video production companies.

Here’s a select few innovations in our initial list from our list back 7 or 8 years ago:

  • 3D/4D Ride Film for Landry’s Tower of the America’s Special Venue Theater
  • Developed One of the First In-Store Private TV Networks with RadioShackTV
  • Video game Pieces for Superman/Pepsi Promotional Movie Website
  • Creating Product Videos for Private Corporate Buying Channel for Dillard’s
  • Customized Internet Spots for White Cloud Bathroom Tissue
  • In-Hotel Room Dark Channel Custom TV Spots for Alcon Labs
  • Animated 3D Interactive Internet Training for UT Southwestern
  • Special Green Screen Inserts for Arby’s Chicken Tenders & Pepsi Promotion
  • Customized Graphics for Circular 360-degree screens for RadioShack’s Store-of-the-Future
  • 1st In-theater 3D TV Commercial for Essilor America

Here are a few innovative communications that we’ve done since we wrote this…innovative corporate and nonprofit video projects that happen every day at this video production company. 

Please Note: A couple of these items* you see below will actually be rolling out with our new website launch in 2020, but a lot of these projects have been done over the past couple years:

  • Holographic 3D Video Display for Jabil Manufacturing Lobby Kiosk Project
  • One of the Longest Running, Most Successful In-Store TV Networks: GameStop TV @ 14 years
  • 360 degree Tour of CRM Studios Facilities/Irving & Shreveport* 
  • Multi-Screen History of Essilor Video for Headquarters Lobby in Dallas
  • Interactive Video Conferences for Help Your Diabetes Programs across U.S.
  • Programming for Shudder Internet Horror TV Network; Joe Bob Briggs Marathons
  • Helping Create Horse Scenes for Cowgirl Hall of Fame Lobby Screens
  • 30+ Animated Kids Heart Challenge Programs for the American Heart Association 
  • Dance Demonstrations for SMU & the Dance Preservation Project & Library of Congress 
  • Influencer Videos for Industry Leaders Sally Beauty, at home & 

If you’re looking for an innovative way to get your message across, contact us today to get started.

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