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Video Production Zooms Into the 2020s With Our Meeting Enhancement Program

The world has changed quite a bit over the last several months with the advent of the novel coronavirus. COVID-19 prevention measures suddenly upended all of our day-to-day lives. However, we humans are used to adapting to whatever new environments we find ourselves in.  That’s where the CRM Studios’ Meeting Enhancement Program works in your favor. By utilizing our state-of-the-art soundstage and control room, our broadcast engineering team can instantly improve the professional look and quality of your company’s video meetings and conferences without violating health protocols.

In the early days of video conferencing, everyone struggled to master new and emerging technologies.  Well before even the poorest two-way signals or the vastly improved interactive video of Skype, CRM Studios had our own conference center designed to send broadcast-quality meeting signals to other broadcast centers around the globe. So we can appreciate the impressive enhancements Zoom has developed to improve the everyday mechanics of interactive meeting functions.

Although these functions continue to improve, there are still important aspects that can and should be applied to your video— including the use of on-screen graphics or animated nameplates (“lower thirds”) to help explain to the viewer who a particular speaker might be. CRM Studios saw an opportunity to help our customers by implementing our control room to customize the client experience during this crisis. 

Utilizing Zoom and other video distribution methods, CRM Studios can take advantage of our HD control room to enhance video meetings by running the video through our switchers. This provides several advantages. Here are a few:

  • Our broadcast engineering team will keep an eye on the technology driving your meeting, treating it like a traditional live TV feed, so you won’t have to worry about adjusting or maintaining the signal.
  • Conference or meeting speakers can tap our soundstage lights or teleprompters— in both our DFW and Shreveport offices— in order to create a TV quality broadcast for their meeting.
  • Graphics created in professional CGI systems give your conference or important meeting a more professional quality.
  • Roll-in videos can be sent to viewers as full screen movies.
  • PowerPoint or other meeting elements, such as documents, charts and graphs can also be added to viewers’ screens.
  • Recording your meeting on multiple channels allows CRM Studio’s post-production team to edit and polish your meeting for distribution.
  • Additionally, we can facilitate voting, chatting and other forms of communication in the event of issues with someone else’s system. 
Director of Production Scott Burress edits a teleconference for ISEF 

Our team of highly skilled crew members can also come to your location and help enhance whatever environment you are starting with. It’s what it looks like on the viewer’s screen that counts.

No matter where you or your attendees are located, we can help enhance the effectiveness of your meeting and message. Additionally, we are always happy to work with your in-house team within the DFW or Shreveport markets to help improve the overall meeting experience.

Don’t let existing social distancing measures and other COVID-19 related challenges affect the quality of your business communications. Let CRM Studios employ our resources to create a polished, professional look for your next conference, meeting or get-together!

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