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8 Reasons Experience is Key When Choosing a Video Production Company

Filming on the water, swamps in a boat

“Production is constantly removing problems while shooting!” 

Long ago, someone tried to explain video production in those terms. There’s some truth to that statement. At Dallas video production company CRM Studios, we take it a little further. Experience is your best friend when it comes to anticipating and knowing how to remove potential production problems as they arise. 

Here are just a few reasons why.

1. Knowing what to bring, how much to bring, whom to bring, when to show up and what to do once you get there is something any client should expect. However, a video production company that’s learning on the job might not get it right. You don’t want anyone guessing on the day of your shoot.

2. The look of your video — especially lighting and graphics — can be a telltale sign a production company hasn’t honed their art quite yet. Many shorter videos don’t have the budget for top-tier lighting and an experienced crew can help mitigate that. Bad graphics have nothing to do with the crew and everything to do with the experience level of the editing team

Filming from a helicopter
Experience with aerial shots.

3. By definition, experience means learning on the job, and everybody has to start somewhere. What you don’t want is an entire crew that’s just starting out. (Let them learn on someone else’s dime!) The peace of mind that comes from a crew with decades of shooting experience. Working together is priceless. Whatever can happen eventually will happen, and you want a crew that knows what to do when it does happen. 

4. Machines don’t make movies —people do. Don’t be too impressed with any production company’s list of equipment. Anyone with enough money can own a 747, but you only want experienced pilots at the helm.

5. What you don’t know can hurt you in video production — literally and figuratively! Filmmaking is a blend of art and science. Knowing what you can and can’t do — and how long it takes to do it — are elements of experience that can kill your production efficiency. Rushing the process or neglecting safety protocols can lead to physical injury and damaged equipment.

Filming in a stadium
Experience with big location shoots.

6. Experience equals much faster work. CRM Studios has been doing videos of all kinds for decades. When we start the process of making someone’s video, we already know how to do it. We can finish quicker because we know our way around the block. 

7. Experience is essential when you’re on a deadline. How many times have you been on deadline with a vendor, and— even if they know exactly what you want— they don’t understand your need to have it immediately? CRM Studios understands that it doesn’t matter how great your project looks if you don’t have it in time.

8. “Been there, done that” is cliché, but only if you get tired of where you’ve been and what you’ve done. In the world of video production, you want a little “been-there-done-that” working for you.  

When you have a team that already knows how to deliver what you want on your project, comprising teammates who already know how to address any given video production problem, you’ve got the “production” side nailed down. Now all you need to do is shoot!  

When you’re ready to shoot your next video project, choose a production company with experience. Contact CRM Studios today!

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