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7 Steps to Prepare for Your First Video Project

Dallas Video production filming in brewery

If you need video for your next virtual conference or employee orientation, there are many directions you could take. If it’s your first video production, things can be a little overwhelming — you may not even know where to begin! 

Dallas video production company CRM Studios has been making videos for over 25 years, so we want to make sure you understand how to prepare for your first video project. 

Here are a few suggestions on how to plan for your first video production:

1. Start with an outline, beginning with the ultimate objective of the project. It could be as simple as “tell my company’s story” or “I want to capture what my clients think of our store.” Knowing where your project is headed will help you (and us) determine the best way to get there.

Dallas video production company films on blue screen
Special effects costs can add up quickly on any video production.

2. Visualize the look of your project. Do you see your CEO talking on camera in front of the company logo? Or maybe it’s a soundstage shoot where a professional actor tells your story in front of a green screen full of graphics. There are tons of possibilities, so be sure to consider your potential audience and their expectations, as well.

3. Focus on the 3 most important things you want your audience to remember.  Keep those in mind while building the rest of your outline — those 3 things may be all your audience retains.

4. Don’t just write out partial phrases or keywords; be as descriptive as possible. Even if you don’t know how to write a script at a 6th-grade level, don’t worry. That’s what a scriptwriter is for, but they can’t write the script until they have a base outline of content and direction.

5. Consider your budget as you begin to formulate your project. Generally speaking, “bells and whistles” cost money. A limited budget means limited resources. So keep things simple if you don’t have much to spend. You can still be creative on a smaller scale, of course, but be prepared to adapt your vision.

Filming at the Alamo, Dallas video production company
This large-scale video production required special permits and equipment.

6. Take all of your ideas, outlines, and drawings to your producer/director team. They can help walk you through some of the options you’re considering as you structure your budget. Try to remain flexible with ideas — as well as specific budget parameters — until you can lock in on the concept, direction and a final targeted budget range.

7. Relax. Once you’ve decided on the background and storyline for your video, let the team of video production professionals who make films every day help you formulate your final plan and walk you through options that will fit into your budget parameters. You might not be able to afford everything you want, but your team will help you prioritize what you need for a professional, polished video project.  Then you can order the popcorn!

Dallas Video Production Company Commercial with light box
This TV commercial required a large model and a large lightbox.

These are a few primary considerations if you’re just getting started. If you need more answers, you can contact CRM Studios with your questions and concerns.  We’ve helped our clients navigate projects of all sizes and budgets. And remember, each one of them had a first video project they had to figure out. Let CRM Studios help you find your answers.

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