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4 Ways CRM Studios Sets Itself Apart From Other Video Production Companies

CRM Studios Video Production Company

Here at CRM Studios, producing high-quality videos and providing exceptional production services is something we take very seriously. We want to provide you the best experience and give you the confidence that we’re the right video production company for you and your project. 

We have high expectations for ourselves and our work. To deliver on those lofty goals, we need the right mixture of ingredients. From our experienced employees to our uniquely-storied video production studio, to our state-of-the-art equipment and full-service capabilities, we have what it takes to create, edit and produce a one-of-a-kind project and experience for our clients. 

At the helm of our Dallas video production company is CEO and director Steve Dunning, who has been with our company for over 20 years and has more than 40 years of experience in video production. While his background is in directing and producing, Dunning has a distinctive and special perspective on nearly every aspect of CRM and he has cultivated the top talent in the industry to round out one of the best video production companies in the metroplex. 

Video production is like a big puzzle and knowing which pieces to put together is a task Dunning and CRM have an established pedigree in. No puzzle is the same, but after years and years of nurturing the right processes, delivering success is second nature to CRM. Here’s a peek into how we do it:

1. Our Team

At the core of our business are our employees. What is unique about them is not only their extensive experience, but their versatility as well. Each project is unique and as hurdles come our way, we have the foresight to avoid them and guide the project in the right direction. Most of that ability is from our long history of working on everything under the sun. Sometimes that experience doesn’t jump off the page to a client, but as each individual project is tackled, we’re confident we have the personnel to come up with the solution that meets their and the project’s needs.

There is a litany of ingredients that go into a good product and our team has the keen eye to not only flesh out those crucial details but bend with them and help them grow. Sometimes it can be as simple as a quick edit of a clip or something more complex like adding in a whole other scene to help the project make more sense. Our team has seen it all and it’s that attention to detail that sets us apart from others in our video production paradigm. Having gumption and a hard-working attitude is also integral to our approach as we will never be out-worked or under-motivated. That brings us to our versatility which can come in handy in a variety of ways. 

“We’ve got that many years wearing mostly different hats from directors to cameramen to editors,” Dunning said. “The main ways that make a big difference is they can look at a project and go alright, this is how it has to edit together. So even though the client didn’t ask for it, they’re able to give them some direction and information. That comes from experience.’” 

Finally, while our experience and resourcefulness is great, we are a tight-knit family that is constantly communicating with the sole purpose of creating the best product for our client. Being on the same page as our team and the client is an invaluable tool that is used to achieve the high-quality work that we’re proud of.

2. Our Production Studio

With the right people in place, video production still needs a home and we operate out of Studio 3 of Mercury Studios which is formerly the Studios at Las Colinas. These studios have a long history of success from movies to television to music. Movies such as JFK and Leap of Faith were shot here as well as television shows that include Barney, Wishbone and Walker, Texas Ranger. There have been some big-name musicians come through these halls, like Eric Clapton and Genesis, who spent time recording and practicing here. 

You can have confidence that our studio will meet all your video production needs. From rehearsal theaters to makeup rooms, our studios have all the tools to set you up for victory. “We’ve got the stage where we can put on a show and that sets us apart from other production companies because a lot of them have to rent each time they have a studio need,” Dunning said. “Being in the stages of Los Colinas is a big thing. It was a big compound built to be production and it’s not a warehouse that’s modified. You don’t have to shut it down if it’s raining because the sound doesn’t hold up.”

3. Video Production Equipment

From GoPros to jib arms to lighting systems, CRM has a deep toy box of tools to get practically every job done. We buy the necessary equipment to go above and beyond for those special touches on each project. 

“We’re kind of kids in this industry a little bit so we buy a lot of toys that give us the capabilities to execute the job that other companies would have to go rent each time,” Dunning said. “We’re a production company in a box. There are levels of companies such as two people and a camera or three people and a drone. We’ve got hundreds of lights, tons of cameras plus GoPros and drones. That doesn’t even include our sister company in Shreveport. They are an important arm of our company.” 

Sometimes clients are beholden to a strict budget and we do everything possible to stick to that. When some projects scream for a drone shot for example, we’ll pop that out and do a quick shot for free. We add value to the production that keeps customers coming back and we overdeliver on the process. From editing time to special effects and everything in between, we’ll go that extra mile for the client. 

4. We’re a Full-Service Production Company

Collaboration with the client is at the epicenter of every successful video production and we do everything in our power to give the client what they want and more. Sometimes that means showing them possibilities they haven’t thought of and that can come through our elite editing services. 

It could be a simple voiceover or the right jingle to liven up the project’s appeal. We also have incredible animators that can really take the creativity to the next level and round out what is a comprehensive, clear story that needs to be told. 

“We can come up with a concept or come up with a script and go into post-production and do animation and audio and sound mixing and give that to the client,” Dunning said. “We also buy media for some of our clients which gets the job to the very end.” Dunning is famous for explaining the process of video production in the concept of “three shows.”

When you’re ready to take your video production to the next level, contact us today to get started.

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