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CRM Studios Welcomes KiDs Beach Club to Our Soundstage & Control Room

KidS Beach Club Set

The luxury of having a 5,600 sq. ft. soundstage with HD control room has never been more useful than right now. KiDs Beach Club is a web-based Christian children’s program that recently joined our studio family. They were looking for a Dallas video production company to help give their show a fresh look, and CRM Studios was happy to help. Formatted like a traditional television program, KiDs Beach Club uses various film sets and segments to promote positive, Bible-based lessons and values.

Each episode focuses on a particular, succinct concept that can usually be summed up in one word — like generosity or obedience. The characters act out real world scenarios in which those concepts can be applied. A Bible verse that embodies that concept is chosen for contemplation and memorization, while a stylized game show segment helps to Make It Stick! Each of these various segments requires its own set, and that’s where our soundstage and control room really come in handy.

The Cozy Indoor Set in the Northeast Corner of Our Soundstage

For instance, it would be an extremely time consuming cycle to assemble the set, add outdoor or studio lighting, shoot, tear it down, and then do it all over again for each set and episode.. If the actors were primarily adults, a potential solution for that process would be to shoot segments for multiple episodes on each set as it’s built and lit. But younger actors have to be rotated in shorter shifts, which basically require each episode’s specific cast to shoot all of their scenes before moving on to the next episode and a new cast.

A far more convenient solution is to have a soundstage accommodating enough that each film set can remain built and lit for the duration of the shoot. Each corner of our soundstage is home to one of those sets. The “outdoor” set is situated in the southeast corner next to the oversized loading doors (mostly because we didn’t want to move the tree any farther than we had to). Next to that, occupying the southwest corner and most of the south wall, is the set for the clubhouse proper. This is the biggest and most used set.

The Game Show Set in the Northwest Corner of Our Soundstage
The Outdoor Set in the Southeast Corner of Our Soundstage

Turning around, we have our cozy indoor set tucked into the northeast corner. This area actually doubles as a desk for Miss Jennifer and an office for Pastor Mark, recurring adult characters who appear in every show. Finally, in the northwest section is our game show-style set. Hidden LED strip lights and 3 dimensional wall panels help make it pop.

The ability to keep each area of the set constructed and lit helps our crew maximize the shooting schedule.  A tighter shooting schedule saves our clients time and money, and makes it much easier to adhere to safety protocols related to COVID-19. While most of our recent video production services have been virtual conferences and events, it’s been refreshing to be able to do something a little more traditional like KiDs Beach Club. Having an ample soundstage makes that possible.If your project can benefit from a soundstage and control room, CRM Studios is ready to help. We are the premier video production company in Dallas. Contact us today.

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