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A Nokia Corporate Marketing Video Highlights Emerging Technology

Apr 20 2020

Nokia Corporate Marketing Video | CRM Studios

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire— or is it mirrors? Nokia was looking to promote their newest emergency communications device, the Ultra Lightweight Mobile LTE Antenna, and its potentially life-saving advantages. Harry Bouton from NextWave Creative needed a video production company who could shoot on location and in studio, creating a project of enormous scope in…
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Nokia Disaster Scene Project Stillframe

Apr 20 2020

Nokia Disaster Scene Project | CRM Studios

Nokia needed to promote their emergency communications device, the Mobile LTE Antenna, and its potentially life-saving advantages.  This mobile antenna is compact yet powerful and can be easily and quickly deployed in situations where normal means of communications have been disabled or destroyed, allowing emergency personnel and first responders to communicate and coordinate with one…
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HeartHealth Animation

Apr 16 2020

Video Production Makes Heart Health Fun

Editor’s Note: This story was originally written when CRM Studios was in only its 2nd year as the official video production company for the American Heart Association’s National Kid’s Health Program, The Kids Heart Challenge. We are excited that we will continue to help create their video projects again this year, as in years past.…
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live action animation composite nokia

Apr 16 2020

Virtual Mapping Hotspots in 3D | CRM Studios

She’s got the whole world in H.E.R. hands! Nokia’s new product needed a proper showcase. The HET NET Engine Room Solution, or HER for short, helps Internet providers quickly and easily determine the best locations to deploy Ultra Dense Networks. This is especially important to meet online traffic demand in heavily populated urban settings. CRM…
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CRM Studios Testimonial Video Shoot

Apr 7 2020

Testimonials Are Back (But With a Twist)

A tried-and-true advertising technique, testimonials, are back. The traditional testimonial philosophy is pretty straightforward. Be it a business leader, flamboyant athlete, trusted public figure, famous actor or social media influencer, as long as they are well known, their opinions can sell. Who can forget the scandalous (at the time) Hanes Beautymist pantyhose commercial, featuring New…
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Three men on set sitting in red chairs against a green screen

Apr 6 2020

3 Tips For a Great Employee Training Video

At Dallas video production company CRM Studios, we produce videos of all sizes, shapes, and uses. While most are meant for public consumption, quite a few are viewed strictly within an organization. Most of these fall under the employee training video category, and we’ve done hundreds. Over time, we’ve learned a thing or two about making a…
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