Managed Video Services Makes Production Feel Like It’s In-house

Corporations routinely scrutinize their video production methods to strike the best balance between creativity and cost effectiveness. One year they bring video services in-house, and the next year they send it all out. Why?

All About the Money

Look at your budget and you’ll see a sum there for video production. Looks like you could save some money by bringing it in-house. OK.

First, define who you want, contact HR, go through a search process, interview and choose staff. Wow, those experienced content creators, script writers, shooters and editors sure cost a lot. You’ve spent lots of time and money so far.

Now give this new staff benefits, hmmm, an additional 20% over salary, and some real estate in your offices, more hidden costs, and manage their coming and going. The soft costs are piling up.

Oh, and now you need equipment. High-end video cameras, sets, lights, studio space can all run into the thousands. Don’t even thing about editing. Good editing gear, along with digital storage solutions can run from thousands to tens of thousands.

In-house video production may be a good idea, for sure, but it takes years to pay off.

It will be easier and quicker

Part of the conversation is “If we use our own people they will know the company better.” This implies that they can do a better, faster job if they already know the ins and outs of the company.

When does that kick in? Three months, six months, a year?

What happens when you load up their plate. The waiting line just gets longer and longer. No efficiency here.

On the other hand, how many outside services vendors do you have that know you well and can anticipate your needs and requirements? How many staff up for your needs with no additional cost to you?

Finally, can your in-house staff keep up with the latest trends? Can they produce video that is perfect for web, social, mobile, all channels and devices?

A clumsy dance that goes on and on

This in-and-out of house for marketing services is a familiar cycle. Take it in and save some money. But then the headaches begin, so scale back and take more outside. Cost go back up.

On and on it goes, a swinging pendulum of convenience vs. quality, cost vs. outcome, pro vs. pro and con vs. con.

A new option, Managed Video Services

There’s a third option to this in-and-out merry-go-round, managed video services. A system where a proven video production company can either be your entire video production resource or can manage and augment your existing in-house video team. CRM Studios, one of the largest and most experienced video production companies in Texas has crafted such a service.

There are numerous benefits to the CRM Managed Video Services arrangement:

  1. You can be relieved of the cost and headache of maintaining an entire in-house video team.
  2. You can let a professional group take over day-to-day management of your in-house team.
  3. You gain access to the highest caliber video production specialists without shouldering that cost and overhead
  4. Equipment that you could not otherwise afford is available for use
  5. Your staff grows during high demand times without increasing your head count.
  6. You gain access to specific expertise as needed.
  7. And the best part is, you’re always in control.

Merging in-house and out-of-house production services lets you achieve greater speed, quality, and creativity without suffering higher than normal costs.

Video has never been more important to branding, marketing and sales. Any organization, large or small can benefit from promoting with videos online and in a variety of channels. The technology is there, the audience clamors for video content and you can humanize your organization and your product better with video.

Check Out CRM Managed Video Services

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