CRM Studios and GameStop TV Cover E3, again

By Evan Morris

Summer is in the air once again along with all that goes with it: long days, deep nights, and the explosion of video games, hardware, and gaming enthusiasts that is E3. 

CRM Studios and GameStop TV team cover E3

CRM Studios and GameStop TV team cover E3

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, or “E3” as it is more commonly known, kicked off June 13th; and once again, CRM Studios was there with GameStop TV to cover E3.  Billed as “the biggest event for video games, tech, and entertainment” and organized by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), E3 ran for three days in downtown Los Angeles. Over the course of those days, 93 exhibitors demonstrated upwards of 2,000 products to 68,400 attendees.

CRM Studios and GameStop Cover E3

As in previous years, CRM Studios was there to cover E3 press conferences from the leaders in the video game industry for client GameStop.  This year we sent two crews of two — plus on-camera hosts (Erik Conway and Kristin Adams) and two editors “less than a mile away from the convention center, furiously churning out content at a fevered, yet uncompromising pace” — to cover pressers for industry giants Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, and (remotely) Nintendo and more.  News from the event spread quickly and trended heavily on social media, generating an estimated 15 million related posts.

Interviews in Fun Places

GS conducts an interview in a ball pit while covering E3

GameStop TV conducted an interview in a ball pit while covering E3

“I thought the new story mode version of Madden was a pretty interesting addition,” said Director of Production, Scott Burress, describing some of the highlights. “It’s called ‘Longshot,’ and features the journey of a talented high school athlete to the NFL. Perhaps my favorite moment was when we did the Nyko interview about the different accessories they have available at GameStop.  This interview focused on their Nintendo Switch offerings, but what made it memorable was the fact that the interview was conducted in a ball pit. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the experience.”

Favorite Moments

Everyone who went had their own favorite moments.  Even the off-site editors enjoyed significantly improved bandwidth over previous years. It might not seem like much, but fast upload and download speeds make it much more convenient to post content to social channels and the home office in Dallas. In an environment where being first is almost as important as being accurate, preplanning for the right accommodations is key. Some of the most popular announcements to come out of this year’s event included: plenty of titles and release date announcements for VR games, as well as games for the ultra-popular Nintendo Switch; features and price point ($499) for the new Xbox One X, billed as the most powerful gaming system ever; and of course, the new Call of Duty Multiplayer mode.

In the end, the crew had a busy week and captured plenty of footage for our client to use.

That’s a Wrap

“Overall,” says Production Manager, Allison Unger summing up, “we created over 40 segments for social platforms and in-store TV network GameStopTV,” Not bad for a week’s “work.” So, that’s all from E3 this year. 

Next stop: Comic-Con 2017 in San Diego!

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