CRM Studios Receives Two Prestigious Telly Awards

Telly Awards LogoThis year Dallas video production company CRM Studios had two video projects up for consideration for Telly Awards, and both won. Each video grabbed a bronze Telly for its respective category, a nice tip of the cap.

The fact that both videos entered received Telly Awards was especially rewarding. “Our mission is to be one of the premier creators, producers, and providers of media content, technology and innovative production solutions,” said CRM Studios Co-owner and CEO Steve Dunning, who directed both videos. “To be recognized with a Telly is a nice confirmation that we are living up to that mission while serving our clients’ specific needs.”

Telly Awards Winner: Nokia “Ultradense Networks”

The first project was an effects-heavy marketing video for Nokia titled “Ultra Dense Networks.” It was shot on the 3/4 cvc soundstage, painted entirely in Chromakey Green, creating a “green screen” background in which the host interacted with three dimensional maps and monitors to demonstrate exactly how the product determines the best possible locations for wireless hubs and routers. CRM Studios’ Senior Animator Gerald Rice was undaunted by the technical requirements of the spot. “All the tech stuff was a breeze because of Harry [Bouton, of Nextwave Creative] being such a great client to work with,” said Rice.

Telly Awards Winner: Revision Optics “Meet Bob”

The other winning project was an online video promoting an experimental new corneal inlay procedure from ReVision Optics designed to help cataract patients who have presbyopia and titled “Meet Bob.”

Bob is our hero, an older gentleman who recently underwent successful cataract surgery and was encouraged to take up art classes. He discovers his near vision is still not where he’d like it to be and begins exploring options to treat his presbyopia. The video required CRM Studios to transform a rustic, old Dallas factory into an art studio and back again in a single day.

Sets and Time, Often a Challenge

“The trickiest part of this set was the still-life arrangements that the other artists in the class with Bob were working on. Each had to be interesting and colorful from every angle,” said Ethan Norris, Set Decorator and Props Master for this shoot, “And, because of the quick turnaround, all set elements had to go up, come down and transport quickly. A shout out to the Haltom High School Fine Arts program for all their help and advice.”

The Telly Awards have for 37 years honored film and video projects. Their purpose has evolved from just an awards program to being “the premier award honoring the finest film and video productions, groundbreaking web commercials, videos and films, and outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs.” CRM Studios appreciates the recognition of this prestigious institution. I guess we’re going to need a larger mantle.

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