Why are Video Pods so Popular?

Use of Video Pods is exploding and here’s why.

By Evan Norris

“A self-contained unit, having a particular function:” this is a quick definition of pod, and its simplicity begins to explain the growing popularity of video pods.

From iPod, to podcast and even pod storage, the word “pod” has very positive meanings in numerous industries. Even in the land of video production, video pods are becoming all the rage. Here are some reasons why.

1. Small Bites

Small bites make the meal easier to digest. Let’s say you want to train a new employee or guide someone through equipment assembly. Those can mean a lot of information to convey and a tall order for the viewer to handle. If they feel overwhelmed, they will just give up and tune out. All your efforts to create and produce that video will be wasted. But, if that same information was broken into smaller chunks, the information is less intimidating. That’s a “video pod” and using them makes the entire project more “appetizing.”

2. Moving Forward

In addition to reducing overwhelm, incremental viewing of these pods builds a satisfying sense of accomplishment, of moving forward. A typical season of a television show is about 13 episodes. Like chapters in a book, each episode could be considered a pod within the season. These TV pods are self-contained with individual plots and themes, but each also fits into the grand scheme of the season. The idea of watching a single, 7 – 13 hour story is daunting. But when you watch a few episodes at a time, you start to build an appetite for the next one, feeling a greater sense of accomplishment as you go. The success of Netflix can attest to how rewarding the “just one more” process is for the viewer. Breaking your corporate instructional video down into video pods can recreate these same feelings for your viewers.

3. Be More Creative, But Sparingly

There is plenty of opportunity for creativity in a video. Expanding on the television season analogy, think of your favorite TV show. Now picture your favorite episode of that show. We bet there was something special about that favorite episode for you.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is famous for airing one musical episode called “Once More with Feeling.” it was a risky move. Some fans loved that musical episode. Others, not so much. But even fans who despised that one musical episode still love the series as a whole, and most fans regard it as a fun experiment. Stretching your creativity in one pod is far less risky when it is nestled in the midst of other pods.

In Short

Small bites reduce overwhelm and viewing a series of smaller pods creates a satisfying sense of accomplishment. Producing in smaller, shorter pods allows you to take more creative risks with a few pods without spoiling the whole series.

CRM Studios

Video pods are just one creative opportunity you’ll find at CRM Studios. For decades we have produced proven and successful videos for our clients, no matter the latest and greatest trends. At CRM Studios experience and expertise drive success.


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