CRM Studios Gets a History Lesson Making Historical Video for Essilor USA


Client: Essilor USA
Purpose: Historical video

Essilor wanted to tell the history of the company…and only had days. CRM helped jump in over the weekend to make the deadline…and get the historical video up on the giant four- screen display in their USA headquarters location.


Essilor USA had a group of board members touring their U.S. headquarters in less than a week and wanted to get “The History of Essilor” done quickly.  This historical video would be shown in their lobby across their new four-screen lobby display being installed as we met.

Project Summary:

The project required a non-traditional video format.  The historical video would play across four monitors lined up side-by-side with gaps in-between each screen. Footage from one screen would need to scroll seamlessly between the other screens, with only the borders of the monitors breaking the visual-requiring special timing by our editing team to pull this off as a smooth visual piece.


To create a memorable, high-quality, comprehensive historical video of the company worthy of the new lobby display system.  Completing the project within the few days (long weekend) was our greatest goal!


One of our biggest challenges was timing out the screens so they’d be fluid (and so you’d be able to see the entire video unfolding across the wall as it began its looping display). This couldn’t be built like any other display video we’ve ever developed!

And there was little to no time to work through anything…we had to make fast decisions on what we could do and not do (we know it is better not to shoot for too much at a time–especially when you can’t control some of the technical issues at the time). We know when we’re on deadline that it’s always better to make smart modifications when you’re trying to pull off difficult projects.

A scrolling timeline featuring mostly graphics and still shots seemed like the best solution to these particular challenges. Our next challenge was creating the support graphics on the fly. 

Planning & Research:

The client provided us with historical information and some visual elements. There was not a lot of time for planning or research, so the CRM Studios team had to rely on previous experience and jump in with both feet — and tap the deep resources that only a company the size of CRM could pull off: our people, our equipment, and our experience.


The historical video made the tour group’s big deadline and was well received by the entire team. CRM Studios will be working with this group to hopefully update this project later on in the year…so more motion and exciting graphics (that take some time to develop) can be added to create an even more dynamic and fun viewing experience for all future lobby visitors.


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