Kids Heart Challenge Promotes Heart Health

For more than 40 years the Kids Heart Challenge, by the American Heart Association has partnered with schools to teach kids the benefits of heart-healthy choices. The past two years, Dallas video production company CRM Studios has been honored to produce the 3D animation for these high energy, health-promoting videos.

Kids Heart Challenge 3D Roller Coaster Animation

Last year, CRM Studios produced the 3D animation for the Main Video, where students rode a virtual 3D animated roller coaster and saw heart-healthy characters and the healthy activities they promote. The idea is to create something exciting enough to a young audience to grab the attention and not let go. Plenty of motion and 3D jump scares, twists and turns help ensure attention-grabbing success.

Creating Super Heroes

This year, CRM Studios’ involvement expanded. In addition to the 3D animation for the main video, CRM Studios’ staff was able to see and work with the characters from early in the development stage. The result is a more ambitious project featuring the new characters as superheroes, each with a special ability that corresponds to a heart health habit.

Representatives of the American Heart Association create assemblies in schools to introduce new students to the program and re-inspire students who were previously involved. The main Kids Heart Challenge video introduces the students to the Heroes of Heartsville, a plucky team of brave young characters on a mission to defeat heart disease. Supporting videos show the kids how they can raise money to benefit children with heart conditions, and explain the best ways kids could protect their own hearts. Prizes and thank you gifts based on the new kids heart heroes work as incentives to reward participation.

Meet Finn

One of this year’s new heroes, Finn, a lime green anthropomorphic tiger shark, was inspired by a real-life beneficiary of the Kids Heart Challenge program. CRM Studios produced live-action videos with Finn and his family that put a face on the value of the program. Kids could identify with Finn and see the beneficial results of their efforts.

Writing, Animating and Editing Become Super Powers

“It was a long, meticulous process, especially for our animators, but seeing our efforts take life in such an important cause is incredibly rewarding,” says CRM Studios CEO Steve Dunning. The American Heart Association and their Kids Heart Challenge gave us an opportunity to showcase our skills, from script writing to animating, even incorporating augmented reality, AR effects. “Writing, animating and editing may not exactly be superpowers,” added Dunning, “but they are a powerful way for CRM Studios and the American Heart Association to fight heart disease.”

CRM Studios, a Dallas video production company offers a full suite of production services from concepting to final production and distribution.


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