Keeping Your Patients, Patient, with a Patient Information Video

CRM Studios Case Study
Alcon Patient Information Video

Client: Alcon Laboratories, Division of Novartis
Purpose: Patient Information Videos

Alcon’s patient informational video (to be viewed by patients in their doctor’s waiting rooms), were developed for patients who may be in need of a cataract lens replacement or Lasik procedures. Any personalization of the videos will usually improve the viewing success rates with patients.

Personalized videos will be the next big thing, from what CRM Studios’ latest research within the corporate video world has told us. We were way ahead of the curve when we did this videos and have already incorporated this concept into CRM’s actual outgoing video marketing push to potential video customers because we know it’s going to stop some people cold when they see something personalized for just them.


Alcon Labs knew when a patient watched their own surgeon on the TV screen, in their waiting room, introducing Alcon’s information, that it would not only help improve the patient’s understanding and overall perspective on an upcoming procedure but would also help tremendously with the relationship between both doctor and patient.

Alcon used one of the big trade shows it attends to ask their group of surgeons to spend half an hour preparing and shooting personalized videos to introduce the patient informational videos to the doctor’s patient group.

Project Summary:

Alcon had two hundred surgeons meet for two days, asking each to take about 30 minutes to shoot their patient informational video introductions in front of a teleprompter and camera with lights… all as part of the final preparation to edit each of them back at the CRM editing studios to create these personalized videos for each participating surgeon’s waiting room display.


The project goals were to:

  • Get the best on-camera reads by the surgeons that we could in a short 15 minutes of time;
  • Manage the shooting, ingest, editing process as simply as possible through over-organization;
  • Make the process the easiest possible for our Alcon marketing clients


  • Orchestrating two hundred 30 minute shoots required lots of organization to be sure each doctor and practice got the best take on a short video ready for display on the day it arrived.
  • Managing the 200 over a period of two days, being split up into two shooting rooms, created a challenge for all who had to work the 18 hour-long days.

Planning & Research:

Each of the 200 doctor’s schedules, practices and shipping info all needed to be researched and prepared prior to the shoot, so we were able to prepare as much as possible before we headed out to the show to work the group. A file folder was created for each doctor (including details on where to ship, special instructions, such as duplicate copies needed for the surgeons with several offices, special formatting requirements, etc.). CRM Studios had to be ready to manage all 200 projects and overdid the organizational requirements so the process would run as smoothly as we could make it through planning and research.

Strategies & Tactics:

Several key strategies were considered when creating these surgeon-driven video intros:

  • What is the simplest messaging we can develop for any non-professional talent (i.e., doctors) who will be acting as their own spokesperson?
  • Creating a warm environment for the surgeons to feel comfortable…not rushed but not wasting their time
  • Having two teams of shooters ready to shoot at any given time over the course of several days, in order to accommodate our busy client’s customers
  • Making sure all elements were protected once the shoot was over, including creating backup files and shipping them on differing transport for ultimate protection of these special assets


The surgeons, as well as our Alcon clients, were happy with the results of the patient information video project. The turn-out for the event was highly successful; putting a nice warm personalized video introduction on the Alcon patient information video would only enhance the patient viewing activities.


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