Retooling the GameStop TV in-store television network

In-Store Television Network

Client: GameStop, Inc.
Purpose: In-store television network

Hit Refresh and Power Up!

CRM Studios and GameStop TV teamed up to retool GameStop TV, the in-store television network that plays in GameStop stores across the country. It was time for a fresh, new look and feel.


CRM Studios has been providing content for in-store television network GameStop TV since 2007. The fact that we pretty much created in-store television for RadioShack back in the day made us ideal partners.

Project Summary:

GameStop wanted a fresh, new take on the successful in-store television network.  The traditional format had been playing for almost 10 years, so it was time for a change.


The main idea was to give the mostly talking head format a more free and open feel. We wanted the hosts to be able to interact with each other more often, to come across as less scripted, and to even interact with special guests.  The whole thing needed to have more of a live feel to it and play out like a fun talk show.


Figuring out what additional equipment, if any, would be needed.  Creating new graphics, video, and audio for branding and transitions. Learning how all of the new elements would flow and determining who would be responsible for which was also a major undertaking.  All of this had to be accomplished between GameStop TV shoots so we wouldn’t miss any broadcast deadlines. Overall, we wanted to create a show and an in-store television network that people would want to actively engage in, not just hear it in the background.

Planning & Research:

We auditioned and chose a new co-host for the show, focusing on her ability to ad-lib and improvise. It was important that she have confidence, product knowledge, and good chemistry with her on-screen partner. We were able to narrow the starting field from previous auditions and collaborations, so we didn’t spend a ton of time on hundreds of people.

In addition to a new cohost, we also approached established talent in the video game industry for interviews and other segments. New elements were built and tested in advance.

Strategies & Tactics:

We all got together for several meetings to determine our course of action and discuss which elements were ready and which still needed work.  We wanted to stay as up to date with each other as possible leading up to the first shoot with the new in-store television network format. We even had a couple of rehearsals and dry runs to get everybody used to their updated responsibilities.


There were a few hiccups at first with some unanticipated, minor challenges (getting the script properly formatted for the TelePrompTer program, for instance), but most of those were solved relatively quickly and painlessly. A couple scenes had to be re-shot, but that was mainly a result of overenthusiasm with the new formula. The newly formatted in-store television network broadcast on time with the new elements intact and was very enthusiastically received, not only by the client but by their customers and the managers who have to view it multiple times each day. With two sessions under our belt now, we’re feeling pretty good about the new format too.


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