Save Time and Money on Location Shoots

By Evan Morris
When CRM Studios moved to its Las Colinas offices in 2008, we discovered something surprising: We have a vast amount of professional production equipment, somewhere in the neighborhood of $12 million worth.

That’s both good and bad. Good, because all this equipment is essential on location shoots for our clients. Bad, because video equipment is notoriously bulky and hard to transport. In the end the goal is to save time and money on location shoots.


Big Truck to Save Time and Money on Location Shoots

Until that time, the primary company vehicle was a non-descript, white Ford van. That van worked well for us, especially on smaller projects, but wasn’t big enough to move all of our equipment, particularly some of the larger pieces. We were forced to rent trucks and it dawned on us we could save a bundle if we just had our own large truck. Saves money for us and for our clients. We decided to acquire “Gary Jr.,” a 16’ white box truck lovingly named after a long-time CRM Employee.

Meet Gary Jr.

Save time and money on location shootOne of Gary Jr.’s first assignments was ambitious. We needed to haul a full load of cameras, lights, sound equipment, monitors, computers, props, teleprompters, and even backdrops all the way to Boston, Massachusetts for a week-long convention of eye care specialists. Our project was conducting interviews and producing personalized DVDs for hundreds of doctors.

Gary Jr. was up to the task, getting all that gear there and back, almost 4,000 miles. We saved our client the expense of renting trucks or flying equipment, as well as the time it would take to learn unfamiliar equipment. This kept our costs way down, a savings we passed on to the client. We discovered a way to save time and

Saving Thousands of dollars

Since that trip, Gary Jr. has logged tens of thousands of miles, faithfully transporting production gear on numerous trips across the country. Gary Jr. let us save time and money on location shoots. Thousands and thousands of dollars, in fact.

It’s amazing in a business where the latest high-tech equipment is our life-blood, a simple truck would become one of our most important tools. But if it saves our clients on their production budgets, Gary Jr. will always have a place at CRM Studios.

Call us today and let us show you how we can use your budget wisely.

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