State of Video Use

The State of Video Use in Corporate America

Video use in Corporate AmericaIn a quick survey of the state of video use by American companies, we discovered some significant trends. In brief, the use of video in corporate America, online and offline, is exploding in 2017, and the trend looks to continue through 2018. Video of all shapes and sizes, from six-second digital snippets to powerful testimonials are all be produced in abundance.

This trend is driving an increased need for content specialists, those who can assess audience needs and wants and translate those desires into valuable video content.

Video Use is Increasing as Well as Budgets

  • 91% of brands say they plan on increasing or maintaining their current video spending 
    (Source: video marketing statistics, 2016)
  • 69% of the companies report their video marketing budget is increasing:
    • 18% say increasing significantly
    • 51% say increasing marginally
      (Source: Ascend 2015 Study)

 Here’s an example of the video use in corporate America.

Nokia “3D Virtual Hotspot Mapping” corporate video from CRM Studios.

Video is a Marketing Tool

  • 61% of businesses use video as a marketing tool
    • 66% did not use video last year
      (Source: video marketing statistics, 2016)
  • Most effective types of video content:
    – Customer Testimonials (51%)
    – Explainer/Tutorial (50%)
    – Demonstration (49%)
    (Ascend Study Content Video Report)

Video and Web Will Increase Most This Year

  • Brands rank content offerings that will increase the most in the coming year

    • Video Production (48%)
    • Web Design (42%)
    • Interactive/Multimedia Design (42%)
    • Infographics (38%)
    • Social Media Support (37%)
    • Brand Management (36%)
    • Marketing Communication Strategy (34%)
    • Graphic Design (34%)
    • Mobile Design (33%)
    • Online Video (33%)
    • Web Content Management (30%)
      (Source: In-House Creative Services Industry Report/Survey)

Corporate Video Increases User Understanding

  • 93% of businesses believe video increases user understanding of their products or services
    ( video marketing statistics, 2016) 
  • 52% of the companies indicate video converts “somewhat better” than other content types, while 19% say it converts “much better”
    (Source: DemandMetric/

Use of Live Streaming Video Also Increasing

  • 44% of brands produced one or more live streaming videos this past year.
    • Most said they would use live streaming for marketing and influencer briefings.
      (Source: marketingland, brandlive 3-4-16) 
  • 24% said live streaming budgets will increase
    • 68% expected budgets to stay the same
      (Source: marketingland, brandlive 3-4-16) 
  • 20% said they would go out-of-house for video production services
    (Source: marketingland, brandlive 3-4-16) 
  • The benefits of streaming video content include:
    • More authentic interaction (90%)
    • Bring human element to digital marketing (68%)
    • Video content can be reused later (65%)
    • Real-time audience feedback (63%)
    • Product story from main product experts (45%)
    • Adjust content based on audience feedback (40%)
    • Activating our social followers (32%)
    • Converting social followers to email (25%)
      ( streaming)

At CRM Studios we have experienced this expanding role for video for the past decade. Let us help guide you in the most effective use of video for your company. Contact us today.

CRM Studios is a proven, full service, Dallas video production company with a wide range of capabilities.


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